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Monday Monday

30 Jul

So I’m rocking out to some Mark Ronson this afternoon. I’ve had the producer/DJ’s album, “Version,” for about a week, and I’ve literally danced to it every time I’ve heard it, but I figured today I’d actually listen to it with my reviewing ears on. If we’ve got space this week in Scene, we’ll have a review on the album.

Here’s some news for ya.

  • Snowden Grove has announced a new new shows:
    • The Snowden Slam on Aug. 24, with Saliva, Seether, Fuel, Adema, Ligion and more.
    • ZZ Top – Sept. 6.
  • Bless Paul Stanley’s heart.
  • Pop Candy’s Whitney has been at Comic-Con this week, and she dropped some really exciting Joss Whedon news. The “Buffy”/”Angel”/”Firefly” creator will release a special “Serenity” DVD on Aug. 21. And, pretty soon he hopes to start working on “Ripper,” the BBC show that will follow Giles.
    • By the way, my next issue/episode of “Buffy” should arrive any day now — so holler back if you want to discuss.
  • Dashboard Confessional is touring solo this fall. The closest they’re coming, though, is Nashville.
  • Melissa Etheridge’s new album, “The Awakening,” drops Sept. 25 and sounds really awesome.