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my chemical romance saved my life.

21 Nov

“if i’m so wrong
how could you listen all night long?”

my favorite band alive and working today is my chemical romance.

on the eve of the release of its new album, “danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys,” i thought i’d write about why this band is my favorite.

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a dreaded sunny day… 3.

7 Nov

in the days of bennifer, i dated a guy who lived in troy, about 20 minutes from my parents’ house. every time i drove to his house, i’d pass by this cemetery, but i never stopped – mostly because, at the time, the cemetery had only one entrance, and it was sort of hidden.

a few weeks ago i decided to look it up and see what i could see in it, and i found some really terrific tombstones. woo-hoo!

as usual, i hope no one takes offense at these. i only take pictures of tombstones that i think are interesting…

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wordy word-kisses

4 Nov

i absolutely hate scrabble.

everyone i know, or mostly everyone i know, because mostly everyone i know is a writer of some kind, loves scrabble. i want it to die. i want scrabble to suffer.

i love words, though. sentences, clauses, paragraphs, lyrics, dialogue, pages, books… love.

i spend much of my vacations/roadtrips with my friends writing down the funny things they say. with every book i read, i find a way to highlight (not with a pen) phrases or words or paragraphs i love.

anyway, i noticed over the weekend i have several drafts saved of phrases/quotes in my phone that i like, and i guess i should do something with them rather than just letting them sit there. so, here goes. words and phrases i like. try to contain your excitement, yeesh.

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