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a girl and her couch

29 Apr

i spent ALL of last week either a) on my couch or b) in my bed, fighting tonsillitis.

i’ve never been that sick in my life. i felt horrible the entire week and really didn’t start to feel better until yesterday.

i learned a lot in this week-and-a-half. i thought i’d share.

  • it is possible to overdose on your favorite tv shows. i’ll be ok if i don’t hear “saving people, hunting things, the family business” for a long time. i guess i should’ve watched more season 4.
  • i need a new dvd player.
  • whatever tv show you think should be on at a certain time, never is. like, anytime during the day, you should be able to find a good episode of “american justice” or “city confidential.” but those are rarely on. and that’s sad.
  • beware vague “berry” flavors of popsicles, jell-o, medicine, etc., like “tropical berry” or “wild berry.”  this is why i hate fruit punch. too vague, and it just tastes sugary, not fruity. it’s cheap.
  • i still hate soup.
  • the people you think will call and check on you or offer to “do anything,” won’t. the ones you least expect, will.
  • i know that medicine is making the infection go away, but i think music definitely did…something. maybe all it did was make me feel better, but i’m appreciative.
  • my new year’s resolution was to spend one day at home this year, just one day. i wouldn’t go anywhere, wouldn’t put on any make-up. i’ve done that for so many days in a row now that i don’t want to do it again until 2011.
  • being sick is incredibly lonely.