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Of all the gin joints…

30 Jun

This weekend has been movie-licious for me, and I thought I’d reccomend a few things I think you all should try out.

Friday night I saw “Casablanca” at the Orpheum in Memphis.  Wow — to see that beautiful classic on the big screen was breathtaking. I’ve seen the movie before but never in that way.  It really made me long for the old days where they actually told stories and the stars were truly stars (Humphrey Bogart, I’d like my heart back, please:)).
The Orpheum will show several other classic films this summer, including ‘The Godfather,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Caddyshack,” “Gone with the Wind, “The Wizard of Oz” and others. Tickets are only $6.
Treat yourself to a movie at the Orpheum this summer. It’s really a magical time.

Maybe Netflix has had this for a while now, but I’m just now picking up on it — its “Watch Now” feature.  If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can instantly watch movies on your PC as a part of your subscription.  However much you’re paying a month is how many hours you have to watch TV shows and movies right on your computer (for example, if you have the $17.99 plan, you get 18 hours of instant watching). It doesn’t cost any extra at all.
I just watched “Singin’ in the Rain” for the first time. I love musicals, so this was just perfect for me. And, wow, Gene Kelly has got to be more talented than just about any actor working today.
Anyway, it’s really awesome to just decide to watch a movie, and ka-boom, there it is on your computer — you don’t even have to worry about shipping or going to the video shop.

So, there you have it — my reccomendations for this week. Hope this helps the next time you want to see a good movie.

Updates all around

28 Jun

Sorry for the late blogging — I couldn’t blog last night since my computer/Internet connection was being a scamp, and for most of today I’ve been out of town.

Here are some updates…

–The latest in Benoit news:
Benoit’s personal physician’s office has been raided.
But, McMahon says don’t speculate that steroids were involved.

–Yes, the Spice Girls are back.

–Got a voice for metal? Tupelo’s Betrayalis looking for a lead singer. The band is looking for anyone — male or female, of any age or race — to try out. If you’re under 18, get a parents’ consent. Contact the band through MySpace (link above) to get more details.

–Speaking of Betrayal, tonight’s show at the Link Centre will be the last for Betrayal featuring their current lead singer, AJ.
Also appearing tonight are: Nights Like These, Whole Wheat Bread, Truth in the Dying Eyes, Seraphim and the Props. Tickets are just $10 and the show starts at 7 p.m.

Tupelo WWE show still on

26 Jun

The Tupelo WWE show at the BancorpSouth Arena is still on for July 7 despite the death of wrestler Chris Benoit, according to a publicist with WWE.

Benoit was scheduled to appear at the Tupelo event.

Below is the most recent news update on Benoit from the Associated Press.

AP: Benoit strangled wife, smothered son

ATLANTA — Pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife and smothered his son before hanging himself in his weight room, a law enforcement official close to the investigation told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Authorities also said they are investigating whether steroids may have been a factor in the deaths of Benoit, his wife and their 7-year-old son. Steroid abuse has been linked to depression, paranoia, and aggressive behavior or angry outbursts known as “roid rage.”

“We don’t know yet. That’s one of the things we’ll be looking at,” said Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard. He said test results may not be back for weeks.

Autopsies were scheduled Tuesday by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Authorities were investigating the deaths at a secluded Fayette County home as a murder-suicide and were not seeking any suspects. The official who described the manner of death spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information was to be released at a news conference later Tuesday.

Investigators believe Benoit (pronounced ben-WAH) killed his wife, 43-year-old Nancy, and son Daniel during the weekend and then himself Monday. The bodies were found Monday afternoon in three separate rooms of the house, off a gravel road about two miles from the Whitewater Country Club.

Fayette County Coroner C.J. Mowell did not return calls seeking comment. The answering service for his funeral home said he was out of town.

Asked about the condition of the interior of the house, sheriff’s Sgt. Keith Whiteside said investigators found “nothing really out of the ordinary.” He said Benoit was found in the home’s weight room, his wife in an office and the son in an upstairs bedroom.

In your ear

25 Jun

Here’s a list of what I’ve been listening to…

–The new White Stripes album, “Icky Thump.”  You’ll have to read this week’s Scene to find out exactly what I think about it, but I will say this: “Rag & Bone” rocks my world.

The Sea and Cake, “Everybody.”  I borrowed this from C. Todd Sherman, one of the Journal’s fine photogs.  I’ve listened to it a lot, just kind of here
and there, but I can’t say I’ve absorbed it yet.  That’s a tragedy because
I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard so far.  I’ll get to it.

–A lot of Jimmy Eat World, especially “Bleed American” (aka self-titled)
and “Futures.”  Let me explain.
“Bleed American” was THE album of my sophomore year in college — it never left my CD player. I was so in love that I didn’t buy the band’s next album, “Futures,” when it came out — I felt the band couldn’t have gotten any better than “Bleed American.”  Then, my friend and co-worker Bryan Doyle let me borrow his copy of “Futures” (and I also somehow ended up with his copy of “Clarity,” but that’s beside the point), and I fell in love again.  “Futures,” along with My Chemical Romance’s “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” and System of a Down’s albums “Mezmerize” and “Hypnotize” became my four big albums of my (second) senior year of college.
I haven’t really listened to JEW since I graduated, so I’m trying to go back
and find the same inner peace I found when I was so obsessed with the band.
Specific songs I’ve hit repeat on about a dozen times: “23,” “Polaris,” “The
World You Love,” “If You Don’t, Don’t,” “The Authority Song,” “Nothingwrong.”
I really love this band.

–No matter what I do, I can’t stop hearing MIA’s “Arular” and Of Montreal’s “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?” Those are two magnificent albums.

What are you listening to? Let me know.

 Side note: Special thanks to Josh Pitts for being the first — and ONLY — person to turn in some playlists! Come on…turn those suckers in.  E-mail ’em to and show everyone what terrific taste you have in music!

the Voodoo that you do

24 Jun

A couple of headlines…

  • The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Fall Out Boy, Wilco, Kings of Leon, MIA, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sinead O’Connor, the Black Crowes, Ben Harper, Mute Math, Coheed & Cambria, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Plain White T’s, Gym Class Heroes and, oh, a whole lot more are scheduled to perform at this year’s Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans, Oct. 26-28.
  • Zig-a-zig ahh: The Spice Girls are reuniting for at least a statement.  The five spices will have a press conference on June 28 to announce, well, no one’s sure, really, but I’m sure we’ll all be aware on the 28th.
  • Billboard.comhas exclusively announced that the Donnas are going indie again. The rockers are also getting ready to drop their next album in September.

Check into “1408”

23 Jun

Every light in my apartment is on right now, because I just walked in from seeing “1408.”

OK. It’s not THAT scary, but I’m still a little freaked. It’s one of those scary movies that crawls into your brain (rather than just under your skin, a la a “Saw” or “Hostel” gore-fest), so it won’t be easy to forget this one.

The story — written by Stephen King— follows Mike (John Cusack), an occult/travel writer. Like all good writers, Mike’s got a bit of baggage, namely the death of his daughter (Jasmine Jessica Anthony) and his separation from his wife (Mary McCormack).
Anyway, he hears about New York’s Dolphin Hotel and its haunted room, 1408. The hotel’s manager (Samuel L. Jackson) strongly tries to dissuade Mike from staying in that room, which has seen 56 deaths.
Mike stays anyway, and, you guessed it — chaos ensues.

Some of the thrills are a tad cheap, like the radio turning on by itself (to play the Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” — brilliant). But the room knows what it’s doing, and it begins to attack Mike mentally in the best way it knows how — by going through his personal memories and tragedies. That makes the movie more disturbing than scary.

What makes the movie work is Cusack, who never appears to be silly or just playing along with everything. You go on the journey with him, and he’s brilliant every step of the way. Though Jackson’s role is pretty small, he makes it memorable.

“1408” is a terrific thriller. It never plays on the easy, cheap scares, and it’s funny to boot. Can’t ask for more.

OK. I’ve got to go to bed now…possibly with all the lights still on.:)

ps. I can’t get the trailer to work now, as youtube is being a scamp. You can see the trailer on the “1408” web site.

Don’t stop believin’

21 Jun

First of all, I know this is a week old, but it’s the best thing I’ve read all week.  If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and the Sopranos (or just Potter, and you at least saw the Sopranos ending), you’ll love it.

The only other entertainment news that I’ve been excited to hear about was about the Stan Lee action figure. Lee, 84, created Spider Man, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Hulk and more, and now he’s getting his own action figure. The 6-inch figure is $14.99 and is, of course, a limited edition. The figure will be introduced to the world at San Diego’s Comic-Con.