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Taking a bullet for Britney

16 Jun

Britney SpearsA few weeks ago, a friend of mine called my taste in music “questionable” because I love pop music.

I wrote a long – really long – defense. I went on and on about how comforting it is to hear a song you know and love. I talked about how you always need a little sugar in a world full of vegetables.

It was this long tirade, taking bullet after bullet for Britney, Rihanna, Christina, Lady Gaga and George Michael.

Then, said friend and I went on a roadtrip this weekend, and along the way, I realized I didn’t have to defend myself. As I’ve said thousands of times before, I like what I like. I know some people want to scratch their heads when they scroll through my music and see the aforementioned artists next to the likes of Fanfarlo, St. Vincent, Let’s Wrestle and The Kills. But I like what I like. I will always love stupid, vapid pop music as much as I love my thoughtful indie rock. Simple as that.

Gah, you still want reasons, though, don’t you?  OK.

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