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Entry No. 1

28 Jul

A few weeks ago I went on a tirade, venting about stuff that either ticked me off or freaked me out. It was enough of rant that a friend of mine says I have to keep a journal for the month of August that lists things that either tick me off or freak me out.

Entry No. 1 under “Tick Me Off” list is this commercial:

Before you get angry: it’s not the polar bears or the WWF. I’m just dandy with both of those.

My problem? Noah Wyle. 

Noah Wyle, the last time anybody saw you was in “ER.” Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve “done” stuff since then. But you’ve been out of America’s TV – and, therefore, out of America’s heart – since 2006. 

Three years later, you pop back into everyone’s magic box, not being Dr. Dramatic Face on “ER,” oh no (well, OK, you came back for the last few episodes…doesn’t really count). You’re in an advert, making us all feel guilty about polar bears.

Noah? NOAH? WTF, Noah? You come out of hiding to make us feel bad about polar bears?

Listen. I can take Guilt Trips from a lot of people, but not from you. Too much time has lapsed for you to come back, be relevant, and really make me feel guilty about anything, especially polar bears.

Think about what’s changed since 2006, Noah. Pigs have their own flu. Jon and Kate have broken up. Lady Gaga. What, what’s this? Jon&Kate/Lady Gaga jokes are sooo May ’09?                                              hm. well then.

Alls I’m saying is, Noah, if you want to come back into America’s heart, making us feel guilty about polar bears isn’t it. Maybe you should go back to being Dr. Dramatic Face. Oh, wait.