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i’ll think about it tomorrow

26 Dec

so, i finally read margaret mitchell’s “gone with the wind.”

i’ve enjoyed the movie for a while now, finally became obsessed with it this year and decided it was time to see what the book had to offer.

i took my time reading it, absorbing every page, detail, word. it’s officially one of my favorites now. i loved the way mitchell blended fact with fiction, weaving history in with a very personal story of a Southern woman.

this book taught me a lot, definitely made me think and challenged my own views. as i read it, i’d flag each section/line/phrase i liked/learned from/wanted to remember, so now, my book – a hardback copy from 1964 i bought at a used book store (yes, it’s pictured) – is colorful with those little plastic place-keepers. it already looked pretty snazzy anyway, with my homemade brown paper bag/pink duct tape/electrical tape book cover.

so, here are my thoughts on “gone with the wind,” both in general and through those many little place-keepers…

ps. this post may change over time. i can’t think straight right now because i’m sick and dependent on cold medicine, so ignore any weird wordage. i’ll clear it all up soon enough.

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there is a rapture on the lonely shore

26 Dec

i don’t know why, but i take pictures of my chucks in weird places.

i guess it’s because i’m so happy to see them somewhere different from where i usually take them.

keep in mind, these chucks are my oldest pair. they got me through college and i’m pretty sure every single concert i’ve seen since college (that’s a lot), and they’ve gotten me around here and new york city and savannah and new orleans and places in between.

the two latest pictures are…

i took this on the beach at tybee island, 12/9/10. it was like 50 degrees out there, and the wind was blowing so hard. the beach was almost completely empty, and it was pure heaven.

i took this one on christmas 2010. it was my first – and, who knows, maybe my only – white christmas.

hopefully i’ll take my chucks to even weirder places and take pictures of them to share.

there is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
there is a rapture on the lonely shore,
there is society, where none intrudes
by the deep sea, and music in its roar:
i love not man the less, but Nature more,
from these our interviews, in which i steal
from all i may be, or have been before,
to mingle with the Universe, and feel
what i can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal
– lord byron