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Money’s our love song

20 Sep

EDITOR’S NOTE: This one disappeared, but I found it again out there in the ether (whatever that is).

This is probably going to be the Stupidest Blog Post in StupidBlogPostonia, but whatev, this is my place, gets over it.

So I’ve been broke this summer. I mean, broke, the kinda broke that hurts. I’ve put off buying a lot of my favorite stuff for a long time now and quite frankly I’m tired of it.  So I thought I’d post a list of things I wish I could buy but can’t. Not yet anyways.

  1. A DJ mixer. Specifically, this one. I was worried I’d have to invent this baby, but nope, here it is. I want to love it and hug it and squeeze it and name it George.
  2. “Dollhouse” season 1 on DVD (finally bought this, btw!). I know, this isn’t expensive, but it is when your car tag needs renewing. And I think it’s important to note that this is a Joss Whedon-created tv show, it’s been out for what two weeks at least and I STILL don’t own it? That, my friends, is how broke I am.
  3. Girl Talk tickets. I know, I just saw him in February, but I’ll just about sell an eyeball for a similar experience in October. I’m totally screwed though because my eyesight sucks and I doubt anyone wants eyes that aren’t that great.
  4. A bike. Specifically, this one. Pretty sweet. Wish it came in orange.
  5. “Detroit Metal City.” I know again this is not that expensive, but who has an extra $10?
  6. This Bette Davis collection. In every other Bette collection, I’ve either got or seen most of the movies, but I don’t have any of the movies in this set, not yet anyway.
  7. Every single album by The Decemberists on vinyl (except: “Picaresque” and the “Always the Bridesmaid” series, which I already have on vinyl). And while you’re at it, a T-shirt, too. It’s pretty sad that The Decemberists is one of my favorite bands ever and I still don’t have a t-shirt that says so. (suddenly imagining a shirt that says “The Decemberists is one of my favorite bands ever!” elohelzzzzzz)
  8. Just about every single thing by Make Up Forever (except the truly professional stuff like the fake bloods and glues and stuff. just their HD line, plees)
  9. This shirt. And This shirt. And this shirt.
  10. Shelves for my books and records.

Anything you’re hoping for?