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Everything to everyone

8 Jul

Sorry I’ve been a little out as of late…been busy enjoying all the entertainment world has to offer. Like…

–The iTunes free single of the week, “Autumn Cannibalist” by Die Mannequin.

Kittie at the Princess in Columbus Friday night. How awesome was that?  I’m about to go download some of their stuff…wow.

–Yeah, I’m that lazy: I watched nearly all of Live Earth yesterday on Bravo. Some of it was really good (AFI, anyone? Wow), some of it was really bad (someone shut up Akon), but all in all it kept me entertained. If you missed it, you can watch your favorite performers here.
But any guesses as to what was up with co-host Karen Duffy?  Was she forced to say such incredibly stupid lines? (for example, after Taking Back Sunday performed, she said, “They just took back Saturday!” WHAT?)

–By the way, yes, the “Sex and the City” movie is on.

–And what else have I been listening to? 
An incredible amount of Ryan Adams’ new album, “Easy Tiger.”  It’s really amazing. Favorite tracks: “Two,” “Halloweenhead,” “Everybody Knows,” “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.,” “Pearls on a String”…ok the whole album is really awesome.
And Miranda Lambert’s latest, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” which is also really really good. It’s a little bit of everything….a little dangerous, a little fun, a little sad, but all in all a really amazing ride.  Check out “Dry Town,” “Gunpowder & Lead,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “More Like Her” and “Guilty in Here.”