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Are you that somebody…

3 Jul

…who will help Scene out?

We STILL need folks to e-mail in their summer playlists!

 Tell us the songs you play while…

….sunning by the pool or at the beach.
….grilling out or having a party.
….getting ready for a girls’/guys’ night out.
….driving around/going on a roadtrip.

Send me your songs, name, age, hometown, why you chose these songs and a way to contact you to


We’re also doing a Harry Potter cover in two weeks.  What does Harry Potter mean to you?  Tell me in about 300 words and mail it to


I wanna rock!

3 Jul

I’m officially dying and going to Smashing Pumpkins heaven… Billy and crew are heading to Memphis!  The band will perform at Mud Island on Oct. 25. They’re also coming to Atlanta and Nashville.

OK, now that that excitement is over (not really), I’ll go into some other rock news.

Van Halen — with Roth — may be eyeing some arena gigs this fall.

Woo-hoo for “Firefly” and “Waitress” fans: Nathan Fillion may be joining the cast of “Desperate Housewives.”

Metallica’s follow-up to “St. Anger” should hit stores next year.