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Music o’ the day

18 Jul

Before I get into today’s music, I’ve got to add this.

Today was one of those days that remind me why I love my job.

This is totally not Scene related, sorry, but I think Journal readers will appreciate this anyway.
I’m working on an upcoming Sunday story about Cotton Gin Port.  It was a town in the early-ish 1800s, but died out once the railroad came through Amory.
Today, Jack D. Elliott Jr. (a historical archaeologist with MDAH), Journal photog Thomas Wells and I went down to what used to be Cotton Gin Port.
We kinda had to wrangle our way inside, and then we walked the mile down there and back.  It was really amazing to see what’s left of the town — which really isn’t much, but it was completely worth it nonetheless.

I came back to Tupelo completely tired and stinky from the sweat and bug spray, and my legs are really achy, but I had a blast.

A morning spent out in the woods, seeing history with my own eyes? I’m all about it.

OK. Back to the music.:)

I’ve been listening to Interpol‘s new album, “Our Love to Admire,” courtesy of Journal photog C. Todd Sherman. Pick it up if you haven’t, yet — it’s a terrific listen.  It gets better and better every time you spin it.

Two songs I’ve suddenly fell in love with are “Lights” by the Scissor Sisters and “We’ve Got Everything” by Modest Mouse.
“Lights” is from the Sisters’ latest, “Ta-Dah,” and “We’ve Got Everything” is off “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.”

Both of these songs are so catchy, I’ve been dancing to them a lot today, even if I am all achy. 🙂