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Holy new computer, Batman!

24 Jul

I wouldn’t normally blog about this, but it concerns you, gentle reader, so I shall.

The wonderful computer deities have given me a spankin’-new computer here at work. Why should you care? Well, my old one wouldn’t let me blog, so I’d have to do it from home — seriously delaying news and moderating messages.

This means I’ll be able to share what I find out the MINUTE I find out. Exciting, eh?

So let’s get to it!

  • Drew Carey is comin’ on down — he’s taking over as the host of “The Price is Right.”
  • The closest Tori Amos is coming on her new tour is Nashville, Texas and Florida.
  • Dates for the Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony tour will be released next week.
  • Premiere has a list of TV shows that should be films. Woo-hoo “Smallville” and “Drive.”

Yep, Lindsay Lohan’s been arrested again, but y’all probably know all about it. Wonder how this will affect the release of her new movie this weekend? Is anyone planning to see it?