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It’s a wild world

2 Jul

Lots of good stuff going on, so let’s get to it.

  •  I’m listening to the new Pumpkins album! Jealous? Don’t worry, you can hear it too: click here. (I don’t know yet which version this is…as you’ve probably heard, four different versions of the album are being released.)
  • Matchbox Twenty has a retrospective album out this fall, and it’ll come with 6 new songs and 11 hits. “Exile on Mainstream” (very funny guys) will hit stores Oct. 2. Drummer Paul Doucette has replaced rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor, who left the band in 2005. Lead singer Rob Thomas promises a new MB20 album after the band enters the studio in 2009; meanwhile, he’s planning to record his second solo disc next summer.
  • Charlie Daniels is planning a duets album for this fall.  He’s singing a few tunes with the likes of Brooks & Dunn and Vince Gill.  A few highlights: a cover of Johnny and June’s “Jackson” w/ Gretchen Wilson, a cover of Ray’s “What I’d Say” with Travis Tritt, and an instrumental tune with Brad Paisley and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band, Double Trouble.
  • PJ Harvey is readying her next album, “White Chalk” due sometime this fall.
  • Follow in Jordin Sparks’ footsteps by auditioning for the 2008 season of “American Idol.” Audition cities and dates are: San Diego (July 30), Dallas (Aug. 6), Omaha (Aug. 10), Atlanta (Aug. 14), Charleston (Aug. 18), Miami (Aug. 22) and Philadelphia (Aug. 27).  Little East coast heavy, don’t you think? Check the “American Idol” site for rules and restrictions.
  • Surfing the net at work is dangerous…it’s how I ran up on this, which you may want to try if you’re very bored and have lots of Alka Seltzers around.