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Halloween photos

31 Oct

Aedan Farley

Aedan Farley

Aedan Farley

Grace Gatlin hunts for candy-filled eggs during the Oxford Park Commission’s annual Halloween egg hunt at Avent Park in Oxford, Miss. on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Oxford Eagle, Bruce Newman)

Josh Vinyard

Thanks to Farley for sending in these super Halloween photos. Very nice. The first three photos are Aedan Farley. He is 15 weeks old in these pictures. The next photo is from Oxford and the very, very good photographer Bruce Newman with the Oxford Eagle. And the final one is my son Josh from Octoberfest at MUW. Thankfully he gets his looks more from his mom than dad (:

We have more quality than quanity of photos. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. We’ll try to do this again next year (so get the photos ready!)

Seriously, hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween and thanks for reading Scene Now!

Todd Vinyard
Online Editor

In the Arena, 10/31

31 Oct


Happy Halloween!  I hope the evening holds nothing but treats for all of you.  We’ll be hanging out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse all weekend long as Disney on Ice makes their annual stop at the Arena.  We have two shows Friday, three Saturday, and one on Sunday so you have plenty of opportunities to see everyone’s favorite mouse.  Come see us!

From all reports, last week’s Sugarland concert was a great one.  Thanks to Sheena for blogging throughout the show.  I really think that band has an excellent shot to be the next big thing in country music.  Hopefully we can host them once more before they outgrow our venue.

Upcoming events in the building include Buckcherry/Avenged Sevenfold, Casting Crowns, Carrie Underwood and Cirque du Soleil.  We’re working on a few other things for the winter but nothing that we can announce just yet.  Now’s your chance to suggest possible acts.  Who would you like to see?  Post a comment and let us know who we should be pursuing.

Until next time,


Ask Scene! Answers

31 Oct

Here are this week’s batch of questions. Remember, you can ask a question by posting it in a comment or by e-mailing

Q: What’s the best concert experience you’ve ever had and what made it the best? — popculturefairy
A: Ohh, good question. There have been so many.
I can think of a lot that were special for all kinds of reasons, but there are two that really stick out in my mind: Smashing Pumpkins at Mud Island last October, and My Chemical Romance at Memphis in May this year. They’re completely a tie!
Smashing Pumpkins: That was actually my first time ever to see the band live, and they performed lots of my favorite songs, like “Drown,” “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” “That’s The Way (My Love Is)” and “Cherub Rock.” Billy Corgan sang “1979” by himself, acoustic, and it was amazing. But, it was rainy and VERY cold, and he messed up a few times – and it was hilarious.  The band sounded amazing.
I cried almost the whole way through it, just because I realized how much this band has really stayed with me throughout my life. Every song brought back old memories of long-lost friends.
Looking back at it now, I wish things had been a little different – I wish I’d seen all of the opening act (Explosions in the Sky), I wish I’d sat closer, I wish I’d brought better clothes since it was so cold and rainy…but either way, it was amazing. Definitely the most emotional show ever.
MCR: I’d seen MCR twice before I saw them at Memphis in May, but this time was the best. My very best friend ever, Hannah, and I went, and we were bound and determined to get as close to the stage as possible. We stood in the pouring rain for about five hours before we saw them. By the end of the night, only the true MCR fans were there, and the band was amazing, I guess because they knew we’d been out there so long. It was a mix of songs off “The Black Parade” and “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” but they also threw in some of my old favorites/b-sides like “Headfirst for Halos” and “Kill All Your Friends.”
Me and the Mighty Nanner were totally soaked, our shoes ruined (but hey, I still wear ’em) and we were exhausted, but it was one of the best, most fun, coolest experiences ever.
Honestly it was kind of like the year I was editor of The Daily Mississippian, the Ole Miss student newspaper: I knew it was probably a bad idea from the beginning, but I stuck it out – and it was way worth it; I learned a lot from it; and Hannah was by my side through it all, quipping her hilarious quips. And it was the time of my life.
And, before the show, we ran into MCR guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro in the mall before the show. Awesome! 🙂


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Reader Picks: Scariest movies

30 Oct

We asked and Scene Now readers responded!

Here are some of the scariest movies and shows, according to Scene Now readers:

“The Stepfather,” picked by beagle
“The opening scene alone is enough to freak you out,” beagle says.
I won’t link to it here since there’s a shot of a naked bum, but I have to agree – it’s creepy!
Beagle also chose “Mikey,” “Hellraiser” and “Rosemary’s Baby,” of which Beagle says, “You got to admit – getting knocked up by the Devil – pretty freaky.” lol – well said, beagle!

“Eraserhead,” picked by popculturefairy
“Moviewise it takes a lot to scare me because I love horror movies and have become somewhat desensitized. The movie that scares me the most is ‘Eraserhead’ by David Lynch…several scenes in it will stick with ya,” she writes. Here’s an example:

popculturefary also chose “It” and “Poltergeist” as supremely creepy flicks.

“Friday the 13th” (original), picked by farley662
Here’s the trailer – it’s pretty wicked.

farley also chose “Halloween” and the original “The Hills Have Eyes.”

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” picked by JRAY
“Any of them are good, old-remake. The best one being Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” JRAY says.
Here’s the trailer:

Other favorites of JRAY include the “Final Destination” flicks and “Resident Evil.”

Thanks, y’all, for helping out! 🙂

What’s Going On – Beatles, ‘Preacher,’ ‘Idol’

30 Oct

Happy Halloween eve, y’all!

DON’T FORGET! E-mail in photos of your awesome Halloween get-up to We’re posting them tomorrow! Hurries! Hurries!

Also, if you have any other questions you need answered, ask them away! I’ll post answers sometime today/Friday-ish. 🙂

News abounds!

  • Here’s some scoop on a new ABC show, “Cougar Town.” (I couldn’t make that title up even if I tried)
  • Joe the Plumber may try to make a career in country music. Would he then be Joe the Musician? Joe the Music Man? Joe the Country Singer? Joe the I’m Going to Squeeze as Much as Possible Out of My 15 Minutes of Fame Guy?
  • If you want to hear “American Idol” contestant Josiah Leming’s debut CD, you may have to wait a while. Sounds like those “Idol” contracts ask for everything but your first born.

Scene Picks – Halloween music, Animation Show

30 Oct

There’s lots to do this weekend!

  • Check out today’s Scene section in the Daily Journal for a full list of concerts and haunted houses/trails/forests happening in NeMiss.
    The three biggest parties/music going on Halloween night are the Cockfight Club/Dr. Daniel show at Vanelli’s, the Halloween Block Party at Boondocks Grill (featuring Scott Chism & the Better Half, Braden Land, John West and Savannah Smith) and the Halloween Party at Fusion 205 featuring Dead Set.
  • Also happening Halloween is the jazz show at the Link Centre. Pat Bergeson/Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet will perform starting at 8 p.m. Admission is $10.
  • Hogleg and Graball Freerun are performing at Dave’s Dark Horse in Starkville Halloween night.
  • Two Stick in Oxford is hosting Zoogma on Friday.
  • From our old pal Melanie Addington:
    The Animation Show 4 is coming to Oxford on Monday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Lyric Oxford. A traveling film festival of animated shorts, programmed and distributed by the artists who make them, the collection is curated by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill) and Don Hertzfeldt (Everything will be OK). This collection is not rated — and is not for kids! Includes animated shorts from artists including: Bill Plympton, Gobelins, Satoshi Tomioka, Dave Carter and more! $5.00 at the door to benefit the Oxford Film Festival.
  • Both M. Scott Morris and Kelli Karlson thought “Pride and Glory” deserved a grade somewhere in the B range. Have you seen it? It’s playing now in theaters across NeMiss.

Halloween party playlist

29 Oct

My friend Laura and I are hosting a small Halloween hootenanny this Friday night, and, big surprise, I’m playing DJ (I’ll also be a Doublemint Twin, but that’s beside the point).

Ideas for the playlist have been swimming around my head for the last few weeks, but I finally nailed it down the other night.

I won’t list the entire playlist here, just because that might take up a lot of space, but here are my prized picks. Feel free to use a few for your own Halloween party playlist.

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