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9 Aug

handwritingI was totally that girl in high school who scribbled song lyrics all over her notebooks.

Nine times out of 10, they were Smashing Pumpkins lyrics.

I had no idea what Billy Corgan was singing about, but it didn’t matter, not really. I had my few choice lines that meant something to me and I held on to them like a security blanket.

I really hate the fact that I buy so much of my music online, but I do, and because of that, I don’t connect to lyrics like I used to.

Used to (my blog I can writehoweverIwant), I’d listen to an album with earbuds as far into my ears as I could jam them (what?) and with the liner notes and lyrics in hand, reading every single word. I don’t do that anymore, since I don’t have the liner notes handy. And I’m not about to sit at my computer and read lyrics that somebody (who probably spells like Prince) has hastily entered into a Web site. (“I will follow U in2 the dark?” don’t think so)

I miss that so much. I miss that like I miss that record player I had as a kid, the one I listened to all that Beach Boys vinyl on. I miss that like I miss sneaking glances of “Alf” on TV from the dinner table.

And since I’ve stopped listening to music in that way, I’ve noticed that my focus has switched more from lyrics to the actual music. I’m totally cool with that; I feel like I’m growing as a listener, actually, as nerdy as that sounds. But over the weekend, I remembered a line in a song that I absolutely love, a line that makes me melt everytime I hear it, and I wondered – if I had a notebook today, what lyrics would be scribbled on it?

This certainly is no best-lyrics-of-all-time list, but just a random smattering of lyrics that I really love and have thought about over the weekend.

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