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Don’t even think about it

20 Jul

The countdown to Harry Potter is on…

It’s about 8:30 p.m., and the new Harry Potter book goes on sale in just a few short hours.  I’ll be one of the many standing in line at 12:01 a.m., so I can’t wait.

But hold up, sparky — don’t even THINK about posting spoilers here.  I’m not going to write much, if anything, about the book on here, and I won’t approve any comments that contain spoilers.

If you do want spoilers, let me know and I’ll post links to some spoiler sites.  But Scene Now is spoiler-free. So read on, Harry fans…read on.

While I’m at it, do you mind if I spout off about another unsavory pop culture-ish thing?
I just got in from seeing “Hairspray,” which we’re reviewing in next week’s Scene.
And in the row in front of me, not only did someone answer their cell phone right in the middle of the movie, but passed the phone back and forth between the other person they were with.  This conversation probably lasted a good five minutes!

Seriously, what’s so hard to understand about the phrase “please silence your cell phones”?  Hasn’t everyone been taught that it’s rude to talk at the movies — especially on your phone?

I’ve been trying to think of things theaters can do to stop people from talking on their phones.  I think maybe the minute the phone rings, they should pause the movie, and then if the person actually answers it, they should stop the movie completely. See if that doesn’t stop people.  Or, when a person answers their phone, a little robotic hand comes out, takes away the phone and beats the person over the head with it.

OK. I’m being a little mean, but really — who actually is insane enough to pick up their phone in the middle of a movie?

What do you think should be done to people who take calls during a film?