ballroom dreams.

13 Feb

several dreams to report.

if you’re into that sort of thing.

dream the first:

i had another end of the world dream starring my chemical romance. it was probably about a month ago so i forget how it started, but i just remember, three-fourths of the band was going around shooting everybody.

frank had a huge red and black machine gun that could kill a lot of people quickly. ray had a regular gun (like i know the differences between those things), and he was just popping people off here and there. mikey was the sly one, coming up behind each person and shooting them in the back of the head, execution-style.

at one point i ran into the arena to hide, in the bathroom, for some reason. i knew at some point they’d come in there and line us up and kill us, valentine’s day massacre style, so i thought, screw that, and ran. as i ran outside, i saw them shooting everybody, but they missed me. i hid until they went away. i ran up on this old house, like maybe one of those houses that you hear was built in the 1930s and sits in the hollywood hills, ya know? this girl lived there, and several other girls took refuge there, and they let me stay there.

the main chick there had a son, a toddler, so i helped take care of him a little. i remember right at the end that several of the girls were plotting a way to overtake frank, mikey and ray. and i just remember thinking, no, you don’t get it – they’re geniuses – you can’t outsmart them. the last thing i thought before i woke up was, “gah, if you’d just listen to the music you’d understand.”

gerard was nowhere to be seen in the dream. it was sort of understood that he was like the big ending – he was either going to save us from the other three, or giant squid us to death.

dream the second:

this one was from last night, so it’s a little more fresh.

for some ungodly reason i was dating mel gibson, and we were walking around, and i was holding onto his arm the way i do josh’s a lot. he wasn’t mean or anything, like you’d expect him to be. he was pretty full of himself but you’d expect that out of a celebrity, i guess.
there was a little bit more to it, involving another guy, but well, this blog isn’t as private as i’d like, so we’ll just stop there. it doesn’t get bad or anything – i just don’t want to write about that person. anyway.

then, there was this entire part about sea lions and how they were in a beauty pageant. yes, i know. but really, that’s what i dreamed.

ok, and finally. i’ve had three ghost dreams lately that have really scared me. thought i’d better write them down before i forget them.

ghost dream one:

my mom and i are in savannah, but it doesn’t look like savannah, but i know it’s savannah. some guy i don’t know keeps texting me, and i don’t respond. i think to myself that i’ll write him back when i get back to the hotel and can tell him, hey, i don’t know who you’re looking for, but this is sheena, so you’ve got the wrong person.

my mom continues to do tourist-y things and i decide to go back to the hotel and nap for a bit. i go into the lobby, and there’s this huge pool in there. the guy that’s been texting me is in there swimming. i still don’t know who he is or how i know it’s him, but i just know it (he looks a lot like darren criss, btw). anyway, i go swimming w/ him, but i don’t tell him that i’m the person he’s been texting.

i go upstairs to take a nap, and i turn the tv on and to “the golden girls” so it’ll be on while i sleep. this ghost shows up (well, i never see it, actually) and starts changing the channels. i get mad, get the remote and start changing it back, but the ghost is mashing buttons too. i can feel it hitting the remote buttons in my hand. somehow in all of this i understand that the ghost is the one that’s been texting me.

then, my mom shows up, followed by the girl who says the guy/ghost was supposed to have been texting her. she’s mad at me for getting the texts, but i tell her i didn’t even want them to begin with. then my mom says that because the ghost was messing with the tv so much, the energy it drew in to create so much activity had messed with the hotel. the walls outside our hotel room were soaked with condensation, and the ghost’s energy had melted the  paint on a painting.

ghost dream two:

my mom and i were at my apartment, but it looked more like one of my college apartments. we’d spent the day redecorating/cleaning my apartment. the apartment was haunted and throughout the day the ghost had messed w/ some of my childhood toys, but my mom and i just sort of shrugged it off.

the living room wall had a huge wet stain on it, right in the middle of the wall, from where the apartment next door had flooded.

my mom and i go into this one room, and we’re hanging out, but then i say i’m leaving to do something else. the ghost gets mad that i’m leaving, and so it throws a plate and a robot/stuffed kitten. i pretty well tell it, get over it, and leave again, and it makes the kitten toy go crazy all over the room. at first, i’m seriously scared by it, but then i think, wow, so many people would love to see such ghostly activity. finally i get sick of the ghost, pitching a fit like that, so i grab the cat to make it stop. i can feel the ghost’s hand still on the cat, and we’re almost playing tug of war. i pick up a remote control and start beating the cat with it, like i’m trying to beat off the ghost’s hands, but it grabs the remote too and we’re playing tug of war with both the cat and the remote. i say, “hey, mama,” b/c i’m about to tell her two things: 1) i could feel the ghost pulling at the remote and cat, and 2) i’m sick of this, let’s call a priest or someone who can make this stop. but, my mom doesn’t answer, and it hits me, the ghost has put her into some kind of trance so i can’t talk to her. i don’t look at her but i know it’s what’s happened. i spend the rest of the dream yelling at her, over and over: “MAMA!”

ghost dream three:

my mom and i lived in this old, old house, like something jo march would’ve lived in. it’s christmas, and we’re all hanging out, having christmas, and the ghost does things here and there. mostly, though, it messes with the locks, locking and unlocking the doors over and over. we all laugh at it but i know that’s the ghost’s way of telling me it can keep me in that house forever, and that’s what it eventually intends to do.

but, the one good thing in this dream: for christmas, my mom bought me the new my chemical romance album on vinyl.

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