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The Red-Eye Halloween Report, Oct. 31

31 Oct

Hello, my creatures of the night and welcome to a special Halloween edition of The Red-Eye Report.

Halloween is my second favorite holiday next to St. Patrick’s Day, so this is a fun time of year for me.

First off, I went to the Lyric Theater for their haunted house. It was great how they included people of all ages in their production. They included a room that put you in the middle of a scene from the movie “Saw,” recreated the legend of Bloody Mary and took you for a stroll through a hospital ward. This haunted house is not recommended for children under 12, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Even though this wasn’t the scariest of haunted houses I had been to, it was still fun for a couple of good scares. It will be open tonight if you would like to see for yourself. Admission is $10.

Last night I got the chance to check out “OCHO: Arachnid From Hell” by Daniel Lee at the Malco. If you are a fan of cheesy movies with over-acting and bad cuts, this is the film for you. I absolutely loved it. It was nice to see an independent production that didn’t take itself too seriously. The movie was filmed locally and included people from around the area. Even better, all the profits went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For only $3, it was totally under-priced for the laughs and good times that everyone had.
So, do you want to know what to do tonight? Have no fear. I will be stopping by Fusion 205 to sport my own Halloween costume. There are Halloween parties at Good Time Charlie’s and Benjamin’s on Main. If you’re not into the bar scene, there are a few more haunted houses going on. Here are a some that you might want to check out:

Tupelo Buffalo Park presents “A Haunted Trail”
Admission is $7

Haunted Hill
Road 1057 off of Auburn Rd.
Admission is $5

Town Creek Haunted House, Saltillo
6:30-9 PM
Town Creek Shopping Center
Admission is $2

Haunted Barn
Opens at 7 PM
Old Columbus Rd. at the corner of Hwy. 8 East, Aberdeen
Admission is $5

That’s all for this week.
I hope everyone has a “Spook-tacular” Halloween. That was totally lame. I’ll do better.
BOO! I saw you jump.
OK, I’m done. Everybody be careful and mind the apples with the razorblades. I’ll see you when the sun comes up.

Betrayal, Ocho, Foos, more

30 Oct

Today’s song: “Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig” by Jens Lekman. But more on that later…because we have a lot to get to.

LOTS of updates throughout the day…so be sure to read through again!

  • Concert-palooza at the FedEx Forum in Memphis: Stevie Wonder (12/2), R. Kelly with Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole and J. Holiday (12/9) and the Foo Fighters (1/25). Woo-hoo!
  • Everybody’s talking about “Ocho: Arachnid From Hell” by Daniel Lee. Seems like everybody and their mother will be at the Malco tonight for the premiere. See you cats there!
    • By the way – according to Daniel’s blog, all profits go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Even more of a reason to go, if you ask me.
  • Congrats to Betrayal – the band won Sundays’ Bodog Battle of the Bands in Memphis. They’re moving on to the next round, and if they win that, they get a $1 million record contract. Good luck!
  • Also congrats to Benjamin’s on Main and Greg Dillard of Bliss. The St. Jude Singer-Songwriter showcase raised $4,300 for St. Jude, according to a bulletin Benjamin’s posted. That’s more than double what they did last year.
  • Seems like Radiohead is influencing folks. Paste Magazine is offering a one-year subscription (which includes 11 issues, with 11 free CDs full of good music) for, well, whatever you want to pay for it. The minimum payment is $1.
  • So what do you think of Britney’s new album? Most reviews seem pretty positive. I’ve been listening to the stream online – I can’t say it’s the best, but it’s pretty good. You can hear her new album, and others, here.
    • Alright, Song of the Day No. 2: Britney’s “Toy Soldier.” Addictive.
  • Like Maroon 5? You’ll probably dig “Break Anotha,'” the new single from “American Idol” runner-up Blake Lewis.
  • Be a part of MySpace’s Rock for Darfur. Bands playing shows all around the world on Nov. 10 will donate a portion of the proceeds from those shows to Darfur. The two area shows are Cartel at the Skate Park of Memphis and Rogue Wave at the Bottle Tree in Birmingham.
  • For all MAJOR Who fans: Starting Nov. 5, you can plunk down $50 a year and get lots of exclusive goodies on their Web site.
  • Band I Think You Should Check Out: Cut Off Your Hands. For fans of punk, power-pop, good music in general.
  • Artist I Think You Should Check Out: Jens Lekman.
    I read this piece on him last week, and last night, when I realized I had four downloads left on, I decided to buy four random songs off his latest album, “Night Falls Over Kortedala.” I’m blown away. If the rest of his album is like these four songs, it’s going to be amazing. Wow. I’ll quote the guy who wrote that Slate piece I linked to – we’re talking about different songs but they’re both by Jens Lekman so therefore it all works – “It’s hard to exaggerate how good, just how damn good this song is.” Check him out.

R.I.P., Porter

29 Oct

Porter Wagoner died yesterday. He was 80.

In his almost 60-year career, Porter Wagoner did everything from introduce Dolly Parton to the world to become an indie superstar.

His “Porter Wagoner Show” ran from 1960 to 1981, and his biggest hits included “Satisfied Mind,” “Misery Loves Company,” “The Carroll County Accident” and “Skid Row Joe.” He had lots of hits with Dolly, too, like “Just Someone I Used to Know” and “The Last Thing on My Mind.”

Wagoner’s last album, “Wagonmaster,” was released in June.

Porter Wagoner will be deeply missed.

Here’s video of Porter Wagoner on the Letterman show earlier this year.

Heads up

28 Oct

Just a heads up for anyone looking for this week’s Red-Eye Report: Joshua Blake is taking extra time this week to prepare for his special Halloween edition of the Red-Eye Report. So, the Red-Eye Report is coming Wednesday, Halloween, instead of Monday.


The indescribable moments of your life

26 Oct

So, everyone who thought this Smashing Pumpkins “reunion” was a sham — yeah, you were just showed.

The Smashing Pumpkins (yes, I know, with just two original members, Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin, but they’re the only two that matter) performed last night at Mud Island in Memphis to a cold and soggy crowd. But it was awesome.

The band tore though tracks off “Zeitgeist,” like “United States,” “That’s the Way (My Love Is),” “Tarantula” and “Doomsday Clock.”

Classics like “Drown” (YES! “Drown”!!!), “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” “1979,” “Tonight Tonight,” “Today” and “Cherub Rock” got the holy mess beat out of them by the band…they were phenomenal. Everything, every instrument and even Billy’s voice, was wonderful.

One of my favorite moments was during “1979.” Billy played it by himself on an acoustic guitar. It was freezing outside, and there was this weird drizzle/mist coming down, making it even colder. We’re all rocking out to “1979,” though, when Billy messed up the chorus. “Sorry,” he said and went on. He apologized again later and said it was too cold, and then he stopped the song a third time and said, “You know, when I was writing this song, I never thought I’d have to play it in the f****ing North Pole.” Classic.

There’s a lot more I could say here, because the Pumpkins are the band that saved my life when I was 14. I could go on about how I tried to stop crying during “Tonight Tonight,” but y’all don’t want to hear all that. Just trust me when I say the Pumpkins are amazing, and last night was one I’ll never forget.

The set list, which I just found at the band’s site:

“United States”
“Bullet with Butterfly Wings”
“Bring the Light”
“Tonight Tonight”
“That’s the Way (My Love Is)”
“Lucky 13”
“To Sheila”
“Set the Ray to Jerry”
“Stand Inside Your Love”
“Doomsday Clock”
“Heavy Metal Machine”
“Cherub Rock” (encore)

Scene Picks

25 Oct

Here’s what’s going on in Northeast Mississippi.

  • Boo! For thrills, try the Tupelo Community Theatre’s Haunted Theater Friday and Saturday and Oct. 30 and 31. There’s also the Ghosts and Legends tour in Columbus Friday and Saturday night, too.
  • Both M. Scott Morris and Kelli Karlson enjoyed this weekend’s movie pick, “Gone Baby Gone.”
  • Speaking of movies, you’ll want to go to the Link Centre’s showing of…well, still, we can’t say the name of the movie. But it’s happening Friday night, it stars Tim Curry as a “sweet transvestite” and you’ll get to do the time warp. Dress up as your favorite character and bring your own props.
  • More movies, still! Lots and lots of folks are gabbing about “Ocho: Arachnid from Hell,” which premiers at the Malco on Tuesday. Learn more about it here.
  • Listen to good music and give to a good cause. Nash Street is performing 2:30 p.m. Sunday at the First United Methodist Church. The show is free, and the band is selling a CD for $15. Dessert, punch, coffee and water will also be on sale. Money raised will go toward bringing in a child from Belaruz for medial and dental needs.

Tell us your picks!

Scene needs YOUR help

24 Oct

Did you meet your sweetie over the strains of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”?

Did Willie Nelson’s tour bus ever run over your foot?

If you have a Willie story, Scene wants to hear it.

Send us in your story about Willie (300 words or less, please) to either or fax it in to (662) 842-2233 (please put ‘Attention: Sheena Barnett’ on it).

Don’t forget to include your name, age and hometown.

You’ve got until Monday, the 29th, at noon.

The best stories will go in the Nov. 1 issue of Scene.