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Elvis and more

31 Jul

Music o’ the day
Loads of My Chemical Romance. More My Chemical Romance than one should be able to handle. All three studio albums, especially “I Bought You My Bullets, You Bought Me Your Love.” Yep. I’m overdosing. My iPod may revolt if push “All” under “My Chemical Romance” again.
I’m going to see The White Stripes tonight but I have a feeling I’ll be listening to My Chemical Romance even the whole way up there.

All hail the king
Looks like Graceland is getting a big re-vamp. Sounds pretty interesting.

Fashion sense
Through this site, you can “wear your music.” They’ve created bracelets out of guitar strings from various artists – from Frampton to Santana to the guys in Death Cab, Weezer and the Black Label Society. Prices range from $75 to $450 – and don’t even think about Bon Jovi. His are already sold out.

Monday Monday

30 Jul

So I’m rocking out to some Mark Ronson this afternoon. I’ve had the producer/DJ’s album, “Version,” for about a week, and I’ve literally danced to it every time I’ve heard it, but I figured today I’d actually listen to it with my reviewing ears on. If we’ve got space this week in Scene, we’ll have a review on the album.

Here’s some news for ya.

  • Snowden Grove has announced a new new shows:
    • The Snowden Slam on Aug. 24, with Saliva, Seether, Fuel, Adema, Ligion and more.
    • ZZ Top – Sept. 6.
  • Bless Paul Stanley’s heart.
  • Pop Candy’s Whitney has been at Comic-Con this week, and she dropped some really exciting Joss Whedon news. The “Buffy”/”Angel”/”Firefly” creator will release a special “Serenity” DVD on Aug. 21. And, pretty soon he hopes to start working on “Ripper,” the BBC show that will follow Giles.
    • By the way, my next issue/episode of “Buffy” should arrive any day now — so holler back if you want to discuss.
  • Dashboard Confessional is touring solo this fall. The closest they’re coming, though, is Nashville.
  • Melissa Etheridge’s new album, “The Awakening,” drops Sept. 25 and sounds really awesome.


29 Jul

So “The Simpsons Movie” is really good.

But seeing as how I’m really, really tired of the insane ad blitz for the movie – and you’re probably sick of it, too – I won’t write much about it on here.

In  the movie, Homer dumps his new pet pig’s “pig crap” into the already-polluted river, causing the EPA to put a huge class dome over the toxic town of Springfield.  Homer has to clean up his mess before President Schwarzenegger  decides to rid the world of the fair city.

If you love the show (and, really, who doesn’t?), you’ll love the movie. It’s really as simple as that.

So, go see it, but beware those annoying pink donuts that seem to be everywhere.

Date change

26 Jul

Just a heads up — I just got a call from the Link Centre, and we have the wrong date for this weekend’s show listed in Scene.

Truth in the Dying Eyes, Order of Opinion, If It Ends Tonight, Uncertain Future and Fight to Die will perform at the Link Centre in Tupelo on Saturday, July 28.

Video clip o’ the day

25 Jul

The video for “Boyz” by M.I.A., off her new album “Kala.”

I would embed it in here, but wordpress or youtube is being a scamp.  So click here.

Anyway, LOVE!!!!

From my mothership

25 Jul

It looks like an Ole Miss kid is going to star on this season’s “The Real World.”

Read all about it here.

Gotta have faith

25 Jul

Kanye West, you’ve possibly regained my faith. Faith-a-faith-a-faith-ahh. (sorry, mixing artists there)

I’ve been pretty annoyed with him lately, but his video for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is great. It features one of my favorite people ever, Zach Galifianakis, as well as a bunch of cloggers in a field. If that’s not a good time, I don’t know what is.

In other news…

Joni Mitchell will release her next album, “Shine,” via the Starbucks label. It drops Sept. 25.

Backstreet’s back…alright? The Backstreet Boys – minus Kevin – will release a new record on Oct. 30.

I think it’s brilliant casting – Naomi Watts has signed on to play Narcissa Malfoy in the next Harry Potter flick.