a dreaded sunny day… 3.

7 Nov

in the days of bennifer, i dated a guy who lived in troy, about 20 minutes from my parents’ house. every time i drove to his house, i’d pass by this cemetery, but i never stopped – mostly because, at the time, the cemetery had only one entrance, and it was sort of hidden.

a few weeks ago i decided to look it up and see what i could see in it, and i found some really terrific tombstones. woo-hoo!

as usual, i hope no one takes offense at these. i only take pictures of tombstones that i think are interesting…

pleasant grove is a simple, pretty, quiet cemetery.

it was kind of weird to talk through, because i knew i knew most of these folks’ grandkids or great-grands. all of the last names were so familiar to pontotoc: royes, stegalls, pedens, jaggers, russells, etc.

near the front, the old tombstones are mixed in with the new, and the back half are all newer stones.

this was the first tombstone i saw, and i loved how vague it was. most of the older stones give someone’s age, down to the day, but this one? eh, about 70… (and yes, i realize this was probably due to poor record-keeping)

this baby’s name was gustus knowledge. best name ever.

as best as i can read this one, it says, “m.a. consort of dr. james ellzey.”  does this mean what i think it means…?

what struck me about this one was that it says her life was “useful.” i really like that.

this kid’s name was grover. runner up for best name ever.

beautiful name. heartbreaking epitaph.

am currently reading “gone with the wind” right now, so…
both died at about 25.

we share the same birthday, coney! just almost 130 years difference…

the jaggers.
(i’m a sucker for photos on graves)

ok, let me just say, i don’t know this family, and i’m sure this is a loving nickname. but… “big shorty”?

and, finally, a bunch of random shots, b/c i liked names or epitaphs or just thought it was pretty. carry on.

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