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a dreaded sunny day… 1.

23 Jun

“so we go inside and we gravely read the stones
all those people all those lives
where are they now?
with the loves and hates
and passions just like mine
they were born
and then they lived and then they died
seems so unfair
i want to cry.”

“cemetery gates,” the smiths

my 2010 summer will be full of dead people.

i decided to take a summer cemetery tour this summer/fall, to visit cemeteries all within about an hour or so of me and take pictures and notes and be an all around geek/weirdo. i’m trying to hit about a cemetery a week, and i was successful in my first two weeks. i’ve had to skip the last two weeks for various reasons, but i’m hoping to get back in the game this weekend. it hasn’t helped that i’ve felt guilty that i have THREE cemeteries worth of photos to post. 🙂

i’ve always liked cemeteries. i don’t know why. i guess because i like the idea of all these hundreds or thousands of stories, right there in one place. there’s the rub, though – sometimes, in a historical cemetery, the stories are right there for you to learn; for most cemeteries, though, you have to learn the stories some other way, through somebody’s kin, or you just go in blindly, with no stories at all.

still, the names, the dates, the epitaphs… i love it, whether or not i know the tales behind them all.

so, below, photos and stories. and, if i took a picture of your relative’s grave, i hope you consider it a compliment – i only take photos of graves i find interesting, for whatever reason.
(ps., you can click on all these pictures to view the full sizes)

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