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The Raconteurs, The Kills: Live in Memphis

30 Sep

There’s a kind of magic about The Raconteurs.

It’s basically considered a side project for everyone involved: the most well-known of the group, guitarist and vocalist Jack White, is better known as one-half of The White Stripes; bass player Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler are also both members of The Greenhornes; vocalist and guitarist Brendan Benson is established as a solo artist.

Individually these guys make great music, but when they come together as The Raconteurs, it just all fits. Perfectly. The band has made two stunning albums, “Broken Boy Soldiers” and “Consolers of the Lonely,” and, after seeing them live last night, I can say they’re even better live than they are on their terrific CDs. And that’s saying something.

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What’s Going On – Dylan, ‘Greek,’ ‘Repo!’

30 Sep

How do I know The Raconteurs show last night was possibly THE best live concert I’ve ever seen?

Usually the day after a show, I can’t wait to listen to the band again, to kind of relive the night. But this morning, I wouldn’t dare turn on any of my Raconteurs music on my iPod…because none of their recorded music could ever possibly beat the live music they made last night. It was amazing.

I’ll write a review after lunch! First – news!

  • You can stream Bob Dylan’s “Tell Tale Signs” on NPR.
  • WTFrak? Kevin Costner has a country band? And they’re releasing a CD? And touring? hmmm.
  • For those of you who can’t wait for “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” the soundtrack is available for download. I totally can’t wait for that movie…I think. 🙂
  • Thursday has signed with Epitaph, which will release the band’s new album next year.

Final Scene Magazine PDF

29 Sep

Click here to read Scene Magazine.

Check out Scene in its new spots – here online and in the Thursday Daily Journal newspaper.

MusicScene: Noush Skaugen

29 Sep

Singer-songwriter Noush Skaugen makes Starkville debut

• See ’em live
Who: Noush Skaugen, Come On Go With Us
When: 8 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Rick’s Cafe, Starkville
Cost: $5
Info: or (662) 323-7425

Scene Now

STARKVILLE – Noush Skaugen’s life is all about journeys.
The British singer-songwriter has toured and traveled all over the world and has had her share of emotional treks.
Her latest journey is all about making it in music.
She’s released her latest album, “Lost and Found,” featuring her blend of alternative rock and pop, and she’s on tour across the nation supporting the CD.
Just this tour has been a ride in itself.
“It’s been crazy, I’ll tell you that,” Skaugen said in a phone interview with Scene, “but it’s been fun.”
She keeps busy on the road writing new songs, doing interviews and preparing for her live gigs.
“It’s very energetic,” she said about her live show with the band. “I think a live show needs to be something (the audience) wants to see, something that’s kinda energetic and takes them away somewhere else.”

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What’s Going On – Springsteen, Zeppelin, GnR

29 Sep

Happy Monday, Scene cats!

Tonight I’m going to see The Raconteurs and the Kills in Memphis. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait. I saw the White Stripes last year and Jack White was amazing, so it’ll be interesting to see him doing something different..

Here’s some news for ya:

  • Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will perform at the Superbowl’s halftime show.
  • I’ll believe it when I see it, but apparently Best Buy will be the exclusive retailer for GnR’s “Chinese Democracy.”
  • If you want to catch up on “Swingtown” – which probably won’t be renewed – you can catch it on Bravo.

And, just for kicks, Raconteurs and Kills videos after the jump…

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TV talk

29 Sep

OK, let’s play catch-up about what shows we’re into, what we thought about the past week’s episodes, etc.

Chat about any shows you’re watching and find fellow fans.

Just please mark spoilers appropriately.:)

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AP: Newman was among rare breed of star

28 Sep

AP Movie Critic

Paul Newman couldn’t have existed today — at least, not the way we came to know him.

Sure, the talent would have been there, the classic good looks, the magnetism, the easy charm. But the privacy he demanded (and won), which helped establish and solidify his mystique as a bona fide movie star, never would have been afforded him in our tabloid-driven, celebrity-obsessed culture.

Sad but true. Part of why we were fascinated with Newman, who died Friday at 83 of cancer, was because we didn’t know every gory detail of his life, even though he’d reached the zenith of fame and popularity. He left us craving more — and that he lived and died far from Hollywood’s glare in the small town of Westport, Conn., in the converted farmhouse he shared with his wife of 50 years, Joanne Woodward, speaks volumes not only about who he was but who he didn’t want to be.

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