a dreaded sunny day… 2.

25 Oct

note: yes, this cemetery day took place several months ago. oh well. life gets in the way. will post more cemetery pictures as i  take more… which will happen as i have more opportunities to go. (click on photos to see bigger versions)

before going to the old aberdeen cemetery, i stopped and had lunch with my friend jeff.

we didn’t talk much about the cemetery – though he did introduce me to some folks as his “goth” friend who was going to “listen to my chemical romance and dance on the graves” – and instead we talked about aberdeen and the upcoming first saturday there.

he said aberdeen’s downtown was growing and was much more cultured and artistic than people give it credit for. sitting in penny lane’s and wandering around downtown a bit, i could see that, but i didn’t really appreciate it until i made my way down to the cemetery. seems this artistic side of aberdeen has always been there.

there is some gorgeous artwork on the tombstones in the aberdeen cemetery.

even the copy is beautiful. have a looksee.


this has to be one of the most beautiful tombstones ever.

i think it’s interesting that aberdeen has two mother-daughter graves.

here’s the first:








and the second:

there’s an older, smaller, more colorful section of the cemetery. luckily, the city offers a handy-dandy guide full of stories. check it:

if you guessed mary died when her skirts caught on fire, ding ding ding, you’re a winner.

yay for death masks:

graham mcfarlane and his deceased son are represented on the marker by the two cut roses, while the full grown rose and 5 buds are for his wife and five living children.

alice whitfield has the only mausoleum in the cemetery, because, legend says, she requested to be buried in her rocking chair.

the confederate dead.

as many as 6,000 civil war graves are near the old cemetery, so these are just a few.

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