but not me, pretty baby

7 Feb

too unfocused for a nice big long post, so a lot of thoughts in one.

  • interpol in april, adele in june, kings of leon in april, jimmy eat world next weekend (SQUEE). can i start getting paid to go to shows i really wanna go to? sigh.
  • sweet baby jesus up on top of his roof, what did i do? i’ve been cussed out by, let’s see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 people in the span of more or less a week. evaluations are tomorrow, so we may up that number to 6. and, even better, i’m getting cussed out for stuff that i either a) didn’t do, b) didn’t do and had no control over, or c) ????????????????? (insert your own reason here, b/c i sure have no idea why). i am beyond tired of it. i am so seriously ready to be out of everyone’s way.
  • i’m meeting debbie in a few minutes for pizza, and i am so excited, there are no words. so lucky to have her as one of my very best friends.
  • speaking of her, it’s amazing how close we got during my grandmother’s death. and, speaking of that, my New Thing To Be Angry About That I’m Really Not Angry About, I’m Just Angry Because I Miss My Grandma So I Take My Anger Out Elsewhere, is all of the people who psh’d when i said i wanted to write about my grandma. not long after her death i said i knew i’d write about her, somewhere or somehow. and nearly everybody was like, pshhh. i’m kinda mad about that, now. why couldn’t i? i have to. i don’t have a choice. i’m going to, at some point, because i have to. so, suck it, people who psh’d my idea.
  • i love my new bed stuff. so pretty. i love it even though the color bled onto my white cami. but ya know, it might as well have bled onto that cami, b/c that’s the cami that was ruined by all that newspaper ink that time.
  • i didn’t tell josh, but i cried a little during “hubble,” when they showed the baby stars and galaxies. it was just so beautiful.
  • band statuses, which may or may not get expanded into a column tomorrow:
    the white stripes. we all know i’m obsessed w/ jack white. i’m sad the stripes are calling it a day, but hey, look at the powerful amount of music they left us. i like that jack said we could do with it whatever we wanted. and yeah, i do like the raconteurs more, and i like the dead weather even better.
    death from above 1979 reunites, and i am a very pleased woman. i love that band. loud and abrasive and sexy. i’m not certain, but i think sebastien grainger is an evil genius. an evil genius who needs to leave his boots under my bed for a night or two or 10.
  • get well, spider monkey. i can’t do anything without you. i’m coloring you a picture tonight.

yeah. more later, i’m sure.

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