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Elvis and more

31 Jul

Music o’ the day
Loads of My Chemical Romance. More My Chemical Romance than one should be able to handle. All three studio albums, especially “I Bought You My Bullets, You Bought Me Your Love.” Yep. I’m overdosing. My iPod may revolt if push “All” under “My Chemical Romance” again.
I’m going to see The White Stripes tonight but I have a feeling I’ll be listening to My Chemical Romance even the whole way up there.

All hail the king
Looks like Graceland is getting a big re-vamp. Sounds pretty interesting.

Fashion sense
Through this site, you can “wear your music.” They’ve created bracelets out of guitar strings from various artists – from Frampton to Santana to the guys in Death Cab, Weezer and the Black Label Society. Prices range from $75 to $450 – and don’t even think about Bon Jovi. His are already sold out.