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In the Arena, 1/30

30 Jan


Thanks for the input on last week’s question.  Your input helps us to more effectively spread the word about our upcoming events.

This week I’ve been in Los Angeles attending a concert industry conference.  I have been meeting with promoters, agents, and other venue managers in pursuit of concert opportunities for the coming year.  As you might expect, the economy has been a major topic of conversation.  Based upon these discussions, it looks like it will be a tough year for concerts in Tupelo and other smaller markets across the country.  The good news (if there is any) is that activity should pick up late in the year.

I’ll write more about the trip next week.  I don’t think that everything is doom and gloom, but I do think that we are facing challenges that are greater than anything the venue has seen since it opened in 1993.  However I have no doubt that we can weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

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Scene Picks

29 Jan

What to do this weekend, what to do this weekend, what to do this weekend…

  • WWE is coming to the BancorpSouth Arena on Monday. I’m interviewing Diva Maria today, so look for a story in Monday’s Daily Journal.
  • D.T. Owens is bringing the laughs at Vanellis this weekend.
  • Boondocks Grill in Tupelo welcomes back the Thomas Jackson Orchestra on Saturday.
  • Allyria, dead Set, Prosevere and Sore Eyes will rock Benjamin’s on Main Saturday night.
  • M. Scott Morris and Kelli Karlson weren’t wowed by “Inkheart.” What do you think about it? It’s in theaters now.
  • Jamie Davis will perform at Mugshots on Saturday in Starkville.
  • Check out Alvin Youngblood Hart at Rooster’s Blues House in Oxford Friday.
  • Redemption Loves Company will perform at Starbucks in Tupelo Sunday.
  • WILX has a gig at State Theatre in Starkville Friday.
  • Killjay, Even Exchange, Fuse X, Division Cell and Tornapart will rock the Princess Theater in Columbus Saturday.

And finally…


What’s Going On – Essence fest, Toby Keith

29 Jan

Happy Thursday, loves!

  • The Essence Festival, which will take place in July in New Orleans, will feature Beyonce, Al Green, Maxwell, Ne-Yo, En Vogue and Salt-N-Pepa.
  • Danity Kane fans are upset that the group has broken up.

“American Idol” talk, 1/28

29 Jan

There’s a special episode of “Idol” on tonight, but this will probably be the last “Idol”-related post for the week. Tonight’s episode is the last of the audition rounds.

When it all comes down to it, to make it on “Idol” you’ve got to wow the judges – and the audience – with your first audition.

Plenty of people have certainly done that, even to the point that the audiences remembers them even if they didn’t make it on to the Top 12 (Josiah Leming anyone?).

In many cases, you can’t just have a great voice. You have to choose the right song – the song that perfeclty fits your voice and style and tells the judges what kind of artist you’d be.

So, Scenesters: what song would you sing at your “Idol” audition?

Show & Tell: Locke & Key

29 Jan

Show & Tell is a new feature on Scene Now – show and tell the world what pop culture goodness you’re in love with this week!

Head Games - Locke & Key

So, what am I in love with this week?

The first issue in the new arc of “Locke & Key.”

Author Joe Hill, who brought us his exquisite debut novel “Heart-Shaped Box” and his short-story collection “20th Century Ghosts,” has his own comic book, “Locke & Key.”

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What’s Going On – Skynyrd, Springsteen, Modest Mouse

28 Jan

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Sorry this post is late today!


  • Bruce Springsteen is going on tour (nope, no dates near here, really).

“American Idol” talk, 1/27

27 Jan

Our “American Idol” discussions continue as audition round continues.

A scheduling note, to start us off:
The audition rounds wrap up this week, with a special episode Thursday.
Hollywood Week episodes will air Feb. 3-4 and Feb. 10, with the Top 36 finalists announced Feb. 11.

The audience will begin to vote on the Top 36 starting Feb. 17.

Past that, things start to get interesting. As you’ve no doubt heard, “Idol” is undergoing some changes.

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