wordy word-kisses

4 Nov

i absolutely hate scrabble.

everyone i know, or mostly everyone i know, because mostly everyone i know is a writer of some kind, loves scrabble. i want it to die. i want scrabble to suffer.

i love words, though. sentences, clauses, paragraphs, lyrics, dialogue, pages, books… love.

i spend much of my vacations/roadtrips with my friends writing down the funny things they say. with every book i read, i find a way to highlight (not with a pen) phrases or words or paragraphs i love.

anyway, i noticed over the weekend i have several drafts saved of phrases/quotes in my phone that i like, and i guess i should do something with them rather than just letting them sit there. so, here goes. words and phrases i like. try to contain your excitement, yeesh.

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a dreaded sunny day… 2.

25 Oct

note: yes, this cemetery day took place several months ago. oh well. life gets in the way. will post more cemetery pictures as i  take more… which will happen as i have more opportunities to go. (click on photos to see bigger versions)

before going to the old aberdeen cemetery, i stopped and had lunch with my friend jeff.

we didn’t talk much about the cemetery – though he did introduce me to some folks as his “goth” friend who was going to “listen to my chemical romance and dance on the graves” – and instead we talked about aberdeen and the upcoming first saturday there.

he said aberdeen’s downtown was growing and was much more cultured and artistic than people give it credit for. sitting in penny lane’s and wandering around downtown a bit, i could see that, but i didn’t really appreciate it until i made my way down to the cemetery. seems this artistic side of aberdeen has always been there.

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the sun shines, but i don’t

24 Oct

let me begin by saying: this album deserves a better post than this.

“mellon collie and the infinite sadness” by the smashing pumpkins turns 15 today. so does my cousin. i’ve been thinking a lot about these two lately, and about turning 15.

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on getting shot and having affairs

29 Aug

had several weird dreams this weekend. thought i’d share.

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an open letter to record labels

29 Aug

dear record labels, big and small:

i’ve been an entertainment writer for four years, and i can’t put a label on farewell flight. i have no idea if these boys are playing rock ‘n’ roll or pop or country or ambient indie rock or whatever ridiculous label you want to throw on them. the only label i can put on farewell flight is “essential listening.”

since seeing the band live a few years ago here in tupelo, farewell flight has been a constant companion. its debut, “sound.color.motion.” stays in my car, and it’s one of my most-played albums on my work itunes. i’ve put various farewell flight songs on a billion different mixes, for friends, boyfriends, crushes, family.

i don’t know where my music taste will take my over the years, but i know “sound.color.motion.” is THE album of my 20s. i relate to it more than anything else i’ve heard. it comforts me and excites me. it’s my security blanket. i’ve joked that i know it better than i know myself, but that’s actually a pretty true statement.

i’ve spent the last four years interviewing and getting to know unknown bands, and, hands down, farewell flight is the hardest-working band i’ve ever met. there are no vapid girlfriend “managers,” no buddy who doubles as a booking agent, no exaggerations about big shows or opportunities. farewell flight is just these four guys, doing all their own booking, managing, promoting, driving. need proof? listen to “phones.”

i’ve only met this band a handful of times; i interviewed lead singer luke foley once, and have chatted up various band members occasionally after gigs. still, i have more respect for them than i do almost anyone else in the business right now. success should come after hard work, and these guys have put in their share. it’s time they get a hand in getting their music out.

also, just an fyi: “essential listening” is the same label i have for artists like john lennon and jeff buckley. i’m just sayin’.



shut off the beacons, cause we know what’s out there.

2 Aug

oh, you know, nothing much.

  • that’s a line from “the sky & i” by scarlet grey. have been listening to the band’s “fancy blood” ep a lot lately. saw them w/ afi and the loved ones with hannah back in march, and we listened to the ep constantly that weekend after the show. i continued to listen to it on repeat after i got home from that weekend, trying to capture the feel of being off for a few days and spending those few days with my bestest bestie in the entire world. we’re planning halloween, and i’m excited, so i’m getting in the mood for that weekend by listening to some scarlet grey. i really like this song, and i like davey havok’s vocals on it. after a particularly awesome afternoon the other day, i drove down 78 with the sun roof open in my car and BLASTED this song. yeah, it was hot. but this song sounded so good.
  • i guess it’s cheesy for a southern girl to love “gone with the wind,” but i do. and say what you what, but i identify with scarlett more than i do almost any other character i’ve ever encountered. that’s not always a good thing. but she is such a well-developed character. i need to read the book.
  • why are all these reporters interviewing the “jersey shore” cast? it’s like they’re trying to figure out what makes them so “fascinating,” but they’re just as clueless as anyone else. why not talk to “jersey shore” fans about why they watch the show? that may be the story.
  • this more expensive hair color and my hair are not friends. what to do, what to do?
  • i understand why chelsea clinton’s wedding is a big deal, so i’m ok with that story. i have no idea why the kings of leon/pigeon story is a story at all.
  • i realize i’m in the minority on this, but those quiznos kittehs are so cute.

put a ring on it

22 Jul

had one of those heart-in-your-chest moments today, so i thought i’d write about what caused it.

was in the shower, angry at myself for seemingly not losing any weight at all this week. i’ve been working out pretty hard and not eating much, but, on the scale last night, i saw a number i did not want to see. so, i was in the shower, cussing myself, when my claddagh ring slipped off.

it’s never done that. granted, i was all soapy in the shower. still. the second it was off my hand, i panicked and realized i hadn’t been without the ring in 10 years. of course, it was just beside my feet, but i was scared anyway.

so, i thought i’d tell you the story of my beloved claddagh ring.

i’d never heard of them until i saw “surprise,” an episode of my favoritest show of all my favorite shows, “buffy the vampire slayer.” angel gives buffy a claddagh ring for her birthday. see below:

i decided right then and there i wanted one. i found a few cheap ones here and there, but then one of my besties, debbie, told me her mom had bought one off qvc. i had to have one.

i don’t remember the details, now, like if deb’s mom gave it to me or if i paid her back (but i do remember it cost $20…i think). but i know she gave it to me the night of the class of 2000’s graduation. we were all there to see our friends go, and debbie’s mom gave me the ring that night. i was in love with it from the second i saw it. it was so shiny – not a scratch on it. inside, on the heart, reads, “made in ireland.”

i think i might have not worn my claddagh for a few years, but i honestly don’t remember when and for how long, but more or less, this ring has been on my hand for 10 years. it kind of blew my mind today to think about what all this ring has seen… my first kiss (and first other things, i’m sure). a few seedy bars. college. lots of newsprint and ink. new york city. savannah. countless nights of sleep. simon cowell’s hand (get your mind out of the gutter, we just shook hands). and yes, i know you’re not supposed to wear a ring absolutely everywhere all the time, but my little ring has stood the test of time.

angel tells buffy in that episode that if you wear the ring with the heart pointing toward you, that means you belong to somebody. in 10 years, i’ve only done that twice, for my only two truly serious boyfriends (though there have been a few beaux here and there…some i’d like to forget, mmk?).

debbie’s mom passed away about six months after she gave me the ring. that’s another thing the ring means to me – as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true: life can be over in an instant.

i guess this ring may be my favorite possession. it’s never left me, and i’ve never lost it. it reminds me of one of my best friends and her sweet mom, it reminds me of my favorite TV show, it reminds me of love. it reminds me of me.

ps. if i’m only losing weight on my ring finger, i’m seriously ticked.