on getting shot and having affairs

29 Aug

had several weird dreams this weekend. thought i’d share.


i dreamed i went to see a michael jackson impersonator, and his set was so moving, i sobbed during the entire show.


i dreamed my parents’ neighbors had two cats, a gray tabby and a calico. tabby kept beating up on calico, and said neighbors did nothing to protect calico. one night, i stole calico. neighbors were worried about him – i thought that was rich, since they didn’t seem to care about him before – so eventually i took him back home with the understanding that if he needed me to come get him, he just needed to let me know.


ok this one’s gonna take a while, so sit back and relax. there were three parts to this one, really.

in the first part, it was as though the living dept. at work was a group of detectives instead of reporters. everybody was there – leslie, scott, ginna, michaela, even mike. we got the call in that there were three homicides in town that we needed to investigate. we went down to an area near the school. we were standing on a cliff, and the bodies were below. there were three girls, and they looked like they were just lounging around, talking, but really, they were all dead (this gave me the chills, hardcore). it was something to do with bullying – either a group of kids had bullied them and given them some poison, or the girls had knowingly taken the poison themselves to get away from the bullies. i didn’t want mike to see them, because, in the dream, he’d had a child die the same way, and i didn’t think he should be there for this. also, the area where we and the bodies were was pretty weedy, and there were mosquitos everywhere. i wasn’t so much afraid of being bitten as i was of breathing them in, they were that thick.

the second part, well, was kind of muddy. something about christmas trees. then something about my car, and the police were taking my car away as evidence.

the third part was the worst. i was a part of this group of people who were sort of following dexter’s code – killing those who deserved it. their theory was that every serial killer has a trigger, some thing that makes them kill people. so, they would set a killer’s trigger off, and after the murder happened, they’d get said serial killer and kill him/her. they did this at a trailer down  several yards from the trailer they all lived in. i watched this entire process once, felt sick and wanted to run away, but i knew they wouldn’t let me leave. we piled back into a van to ride back to the home trailer, and as we passed by it, we all saw that it was covered in SWAT team members with huge guns. we kept driving, hoping they didn’t spot us. we were up a few feet from the trailer when some SWAT guys in the road spotted us, surrounded the van and started firing. i was in the back, and i turned my head and closed my eyes and leaned against the arm of the person sitting next to me. i could hear the bullets hitting the glass, the van (so loud!) and everyone in the van, and i could hear them dying. i just kept thinking, i would get shot any minute. finally i could feel the tops of my thighs burning, and i knew i’d been shot (i felt this same stinging for 20 minutes after i woke up). but i couldn’t open my eyes – i didn’t want the last thing i saw to be holes in my legs. i knew i was about to die and i’d never see anyone ever again.
then, it was like the dream rewound, and i went back to right after the group killed the latest serial killer. i went to the bathroom to hide, hoping they’d just leave and forget about me – they did. then i sat in the bathroom and felt guilty, because i knew what was about to happen to them (the SWAT team, the shooting), and i didn’t warn them. at the same time, i wondered what would happen to me when the cops found me there. i figured i would be charged as an accessory, and i’d get life in jail, or worse, death. and i knew, no matter the ending – jail or getting shot – i’d never see anyone i loved ever again.


i dreamed i had an affair with obama, and i felt really guilty about it because i think michelle is an amazing woman.
side note to this one: i told my mom about this dream, and the next day, she said my grandma dreamed she had an affair with a man that looked a lot like her uncle ralph. my mom told her, “that’s nothing; sheena dreamed she was with obama.”

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