an open letter to record labels

29 Aug

dear record labels, big and small:

i’ve been an entertainment writer for four years, and i can’t put a label on farewell flight. i have no idea if these boys are playing rock ‘n’ roll or pop or country or ambient indie rock or whatever ridiculous label you want to throw on them. the only label i can put on farewell flight is “essential listening.”

since seeing the band live a few years ago here in tupelo, farewell flight has been a constant companion. its debut, “sound.color.motion.” stays in my car, and it’s one of my most-played albums on my work itunes. i’ve put various farewell flight songs on a billion different mixes, for friends, boyfriends, crushes, family.

i don’t know where my music taste will take my over the years, but i know “sound.color.motion.” is THE album of my 20s. i relate to it more than anything else i’ve heard. it comforts me and excites me. it’s my security blanket. i’ve joked that i know it better than i know myself, but that’s actually a pretty true statement.

i’ve spent the last four years interviewing and getting to know unknown bands, and, hands down, farewell flight is the hardest-working band i’ve ever met. there are no vapid girlfriend “managers,” no buddy who doubles as a booking agent, no exaggerations about big shows or opportunities. farewell flight is just these four guys, doing all their own booking, managing, promoting, driving. need proof? listen to “phones.”

i’ve only met this band a handful of times; i interviewed lead singer luke foley once, and have chatted up various band members occasionally after gigs. still, i have more respect for them than i do almost anyone else in the business right now. success should come after hard work, and these guys have put in their share. it’s time they get a hand in getting their music out.

also, just an fyi: “essential listening” is the same label i have for artists like john lennon and jeff buckley. i’m just sayin’.



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