on being the butt of the snake

22 Jul

i’m not so much writing this blog post for you, dear reader, as i am for myself.

that’s the case most of the time, come to think of it. oh well. i’ve realized recently i have a terrible memory, so i’m trying to remember (ha) to take more pictures and write more things down. so, here you go.

a few weeks ago, i went to hernando with one of my besties, laura, and we met charlaine harris.

we got there a little late – sigh, should’ve relied on svetlana from the get-go – so we arrived at the library almost right at 7 p.m. it was packed. we finally found a space off to the side and stood while charlaine answered questions from the audience.

most of her answers were the kind you’d expect from writers.
a few things i found interesting:
-she’s contracted to write at least 3 more sookie books, may or may not continue after that. she says she knows how sookie’s story ends.
-she regrets killing claudine. that means a lot, because her death has really bothered me.
-she recently had lunch w/ alexander skarsgard. sweet baby jesus up on his roof, i swear, i’d fall out if he even came within a mile of me. someone, fetch me my fainting couch!

the librarian powers that be let the seated folks go first to get their books signed…which meant that we would be last. we were, as laura put it, “the butt of the snake,” which made everyone around us audibly wonder, “do snakes have butts?” that would’ve been the deep thought for the night, but one woman brought up the life of her one-legged chicken.

the people we met in line were.. interesting. but i guess we were too. one woman, after staying in line for more than 3 hours with us, eventually left, worried about her dogs, who were afraid of storms (and it was coming a hellacious one outside). laura took her book to get it signed for her. laura said at one point, i got the eyeball from a tranny. i have no idea if this is so, but i doubt laura would lie to me.

after standing for three and a half hours, we finally met charlaine. i don’t even remember who got their books signed first, me or laura. charlaine didn’t ask us where we were from, like she did almost everybody else, we just made small talk. she was so sweet; sweeter than she should’ve been. one of the librarian powers that be took our picture.

we were probably with charlaine about a minute, maybe two – all that standing around for just a few minutes and a total of four signed books, but hey, it was worth it. it was also worth it to spend time with laura, who i haven’t seen much at all this summer. we had such a good night, talking about guys, jobs, our lives. guess it’s not so bad to be the butt of the snake.

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