6 Jul

what’s your favorite beatles song?

that’s a question i posed to some friends, musicians and music lovers about a week ago.

i had the inspiration to ask after a conversation with todd, a photographer at our paper. we were on our way to an assignment and, being such big music fans, we started talking music, and the beatles. much of the conversation was just about how amazing the beatles were.

then todd asked, “what’s your favorite beatles song?”

two things popped up in my mind the minute he asked: one, almost no one has ever asked me that, and two, “dear prudence.” of course.

he seemed surprised by my answer. “dear prudence” is sort of a new-ish choice for me; previously i probably would’ve said “in my life.” but as i’ve gotten older, i’ve come to love “dear prudence.” the music, the feeling behind it – i just think it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

another reason why i love it is because i see things when i hear it. colors, images, shapes. i don’t do that very often with music and i think only the most special songs really have that affect on me.

todd’s favorite is “strawberry fields forever.” he said he thinks the music is beautiful, and that it sounds dangerous. i’d never heard the song described that way.

i’d ripped my vinyl copy of “revolver” to mp3 and burned him a copy, so we gave it a spin. he wondered why the beatles started the record with such a punk rock song as “taxman” instead of something like “she said she said.”

i really enjoyed talking with a true beatles fan about the music and what made them excited about it. so i decided to ask my friends, out of the 301 beatles songs (according to wikipedia), which is your favorite? why?

here are the responses i received.

My favorite Beatles’ song is “The End” from Abbey Road. It’s conception and compilation stories are intriguing to me. For starters, it’s titled “The End”, but in fact is not the last song on Abbey Road. McCartney demanded that the sound editor cut “Her Majesty” because McCartney “didn’t like it,” but the editor had been instructed never to throw anything away. So after McCartney left the room, the editor picked up “Her Majesty” from the floor and taped it to the end of the album reel with about 20 seconds of leader tape. Since “Her Majesty” was originally intended to follow “Mean Mr. Mustard”, the first sound you hear at the end of “The End” is actually the last note of “Mean Mr. Mustard”. When McCartney heard “Her Majesty” in its new position, he liked it and decided to keep it on the album as such.

I think the double entendre of the title being “The End” with the intention of it being the last song on the album and also part of the most famous line (in my humble opinion) in the entirety of Abbey Road is worthy of note as well.

The very most important reason I love “The End” so much, is the last line, “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Contrary to Lennon’s dismissal of McCartney’s creativity in his 1980 Playboy interview as simply “That’s Paul again, he had a line in it…” I believe it is an overwhelmingly profound ideal that is the “Golden Rule” in its most poetic form. Thank you, Paul. This song makes my heart (and my face) smile every time I hear it, without fail, forever.

– Katie Mae (katie.mae.herring@gmail.com)
who is from Tupelo, was Braden Land’s first booker/manager, is 26, a Libra, engaged, spent 12 years in choir, now lives in New Albany, owns a 1948 Silvertone acoustic purchased out of a Sears & Roebuck catalog for $13 now worth $1300, and owns two kitties named Chester & Charlie.


It’s difficult to pick just one, but if I must Eleanor Rigby would have to be it.  McCartney’s haunting yet moving lyrics combined with George Martin’s string arrangement finds its way to your soul.  You find pity for Rigby and McKenzie, while identifying with them at the same time.  The beauty of the music compliments and contrasts the sad lyrics perfectly.

– Bobby, member of The Embrace


I’ve taken your request very seriously. I’ve listened to many beatles songs and discussed it at length with my mother. It didn’t change my mind from what I originally thought was my favorite. It may be cliche, but Eleanor Rigby is my favorite. It speaks to anyone who is lonely, ever has been lonely, or ever will be lonely. The song paints a picture of a bleak existence.



I’ve never been able to pick a favorite anything. When you ask me to name my favorite Beatles song, you might as well be asking which hair on my head I love the most. So, in order to participate in this fun survey, I had to get creative.

I opened Excel and listed about 40 songs that I love, any one of which being my “favorite” depending on my mood and the day’s events. I then entered a formula so that the program would pick a “favorite” for me.

I know, that’s one pretty clinical procedure for something as emotional as music, but there you have it.

So at this moment, my favorite song is… *drumroll* “Norwegian Wood.” I love this song for the melodies, the harmonies, and for George’s masterful use of the sitar. He takes the quintessentially Indian instrument and brings it forth to fit naturally with the Beatles’ music. Dislikes include that it’s about John’s fooling around on his first wife and that the main character (according to Paul) sets a woman’s flat on because she made him sleep in the bath, but those matters aside, it’s a very solid tune with a lot of soul behind it.

But most honestly, my favorite Beatles song tends to be whichever Beatles song I happen to be listening to at the moment.

Rima, multimedia journalist


something. that song is perfection. george is my fav beatle. the bassline in that song is very, very nice. great guitar solo, strings. lyrics and vocals are beautiful. hands down the best beatles song imo.

– Tony, Oxford/Tupelo musician


i come from a household in which one parent listened to country – tear in your beer, heartbreak country – and the other listened to rock’n’roll – any and all of the “banned music”. i knew of the beatles growing up. but as i mentioned before i don’t remember ever being introduced to them. there’s not one song that stands out that’s like that is the first time i heard the beatles or that was the song that stuck with me when i first started discovering their music. it’s there yes. and i do enjoy listening to it. i wouldn’t say that they are in the top ten artists i would listen to nonstop if stranded on an island but they would be in the top 25 – if i got to have that many.

as far as picking a song that is my all time favorite. if i had to narrow it down and you forced me to choose it would actually be “yesterday”. mostly because that’s the way i feel sometimes. that “all my troubles seemed so far away.” life has always thrown me curve balls so it’s nice to know that at one point in time – even though it’s been a very long time it seems – there were not troubles. but like i said, if you forced me to choose, that’s the one i would pick. and that’s what you were doing right? 😛

p.s. my mom says her is norweign wood – or however that is spelled – why just because.


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