16 May

most of the time, i feel like my tomtom, who my friends and i have nicknamed “svetlana.”

anytime i get lost (which is often, despite the owning of the svetlana), she can almost always rework her directions to acommodate whatever stupid turn i’ve just taken or not taken. no matter where i go or how i mess up, svetlana can always find another way around to get where i’m going. you can almost see her thinking, “no, no, that’s cool – hold up – i’ve got another way to get there.”

and that is generally how i live life. if something happens that i don’t want to happen, or something i’d rather not happen, whatever, i just keep barreling through. i find another way around it to get where i need to be. i try not to get too flustered and just focus on the desired destination.

but, lately, i can’t help but think, i just want to drop these directions and be somewhere else. i suddenly want to – in almost every single situation in my life – drop what i’m doing and go do something else entirely. i don’t think i’ve ever been so restless.

here are some things i’d rather be doing right about now.

  • in savannah. don’t act like you’re surprised/stop rolling your eyes.
  • at an afi concert. (this one in new orleans was flawless)
  • telling someone (several someones, really) off. something like this:
  • in the presence of jack white. when i’m not around him, i can say i’m healthfully obsessed, calling him a genius and enjoying his music. but in his presence? i have no idea what stops me from bowing and shouting, “i’m not worthy!”
    i just saw him a few weeks ago w/ the dead weather – an amazing show, btw – and nearly the whole time i was leaning over to my bff crissy and saying, “jackwhitejackwhitejackwhite!!!” this from a girl who’s seen him live twice before.
  • in a hotel in memphis, with kings of leon as a possible soundtrack.
  • listening to music. any kind.
  • having a “this is it” party.
  • driving to or from hannah’s, with gorgeous weather.

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