what will you say when they take my place?

31 Mar

let’s stop this crazy whirligig of fun…i’m dizzy.

(buffy quote – bonus points if you can name the episode!)

i don’t know, life’s been crazy lately. i know. i keep saying that. but it has been.

my head’s been so wishy-washy as of late that i’m not sure about many things…hence another random thoughts post. too much for twitter, too short for their own blogs.

  • I THREW THE CDS AWAY. i deserve an award for that.
  • stupid, stupid blood pressure medicine. can’t have anything on it. just found out  i need to lay off the caffeine. le sigh. well, they don’t make tab energy drinks anymore, anyway (or if they do, i can’t find them around here).
  • something else that’s annoying me: i hate the folks who are apparently so clueless that they are shocked – SHOCKED!! – when the weather does whatever it does. the weather’s everywhere – on tv, in the newspaper, on the internets – and, even bigger shocker, right outside your window. why are you surprised it’s raining when it’s been cloudy all day? why are you shocked it’s gonna be in the 80s today when the temperature has been climbing all week? *headdesk*
  • the smell of fruit roll-ups is half the attraction…but i’ve weaned myself from them and my newest candy obsession is nerd ropes. so wrong, i know.
  • my ex was a psych major and loves to talk with everybody about their problems, which is nice for me cause it’s like free therapy. his love advice for me? “just get the damn man, baby. just get the damn man.” genius.
  • the bird and the bee’s “f–king boyfriend” is exaaactly what i needed to hear. not like it’s going to help anything. but it kinda does. but not really. but i guess i’m just thankful for it.
  • oh, savannah. i miss you. so. much.
  • praise the sweet baby jesus/ceiling cat/neil patrick harris/Your God of Choice for jeff buckley. i wonder if he knows how much he continues to save my life.
  • isn’t it interesting how a complete stranger can so completely impact your life, like in this absolutely huge way? and they have absolutely no idea they’re doing it, when they do it?
  • i love love love having conversations with people who KNOW about music. it is so much fun!!!! but overhearing a conversation between people who know nothing about music? painful.
  • oh, speaking of that – it’s also nice (and i realize i’ll probably never have this conversation with anyone else ever) to talk bette davis with someone who’s as knowledgeable about her/her career as i am. someone randomly mentioned one of her movies the other day and asked me to finish the quote and i did it without even blinking. is that my proudest moment? oh yes. is that sad? oh yes. gonna go eat a nerd rope now.

One Response to “what will you say when they take my place?”

  1. ex April 14, 2010 at 10:12 am #

    well i thought it was pretty good advice.

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