i cry glitter is love

22 Dec

a bunch of thoughts that have been floating around my brain for the last couple of weeks:

  • it’s not healthy to love a pair of gloves as much as i love my new gloves, but i love them. you hear me? love them.
  • so recently i needed some of my old cassette tapes to test out my car’s tape deck (b/c my car is still so 1992. actually it’s a 200…4? but i digress). i asked my mom if she knew where any of our old tapes were, and she handed me my box of mixed tapes i made in late high school/junior college. mixed in with my mixed tapes were tapes made for me by ex’s. flashbacks, and not all of them good. i kinda want to go through and listen to some of them – but of course, the meanest ex would have the best music taste, and i’m not sure i want to go back there.
  • didn’t that make you want to sing “mix tape” from “avenue q”? sing-along time! “a mix tape/he made a mix tape/he was thinking of me/which shows he cares/sometimes when someone has a crush on you/they make you a mix tape/to give you a clue.”
  • speaking of my mom, she thought i was really weird the other day when i said i wish i could see a real live T-rex. obvs she doesn’t remember my complete dinosaur obsession in kindergarten?
  • extremely recent realization: i have not changed since kindergarten. i’m still into music and dancing, i still want to play barbies (read: play dress up) and dinosaurs (read: play in the dirt), i still want to be cyndi lauper when i grow up and i’m still boy crazy.
  • it amazes me: a) how incredibly important it is to me to hear certain albums/watch certain movies when they come out b) how upset with myself i am if i miss them  c) and then how much i don’t care years later when i’m reminded of the fact that i missed it. that being said, i’m so torn about seeing “avatar.” james cameron said some stuff recently that really ticked me off, so i’d really rather punch him in nomansland than see anything else he’s ever touched, ever. but i know “avatar” is probably as groundbreaking and amazing as everyone says it is. sigh. i know, i know, i’ll go – there’s absolutely no point in ever watching that movie on a TV, now is there? – but i’ll be the curmudgeonly feminazi glowering in the darkness.
  • movies remind me of the crime fighting team of sparkle and steam. i really think people would pay to see/hear me and crissy skewer “new moon” and the like.
  • and speaking of not watching things, i’m tempted to just not watch these last few “dollhouse” episodes and just wait for them on dvd. heath, my friend and Only Person I Know Who I Can Talk Joss Whedon With, didn’t necessarily disapprove, but his  response – “oh” – wasn’t exactly approving, either. hm.
  • blistex lip massage is a lie. a mean, hurtful lie.
  • don’t you feel like a really sucky fan when you have to find out about one of your favorite artists’ latest albums via their wikipedia entry? in my defense, i was on vacation when he made the announcement on twitter. in may. so i’m late to the proverbial game. at least i’m hearing it now (thank goodness).
  • a few weekends ago my brain made a weird mashup of taylor swift’s “you belong with me” and brendan benson’s “garbage day.” *gasp* is this what it feels like to be gregg gillis?
  • i cannot wait to move to savannah, so i can be there and listen to antony and the johnsons. that’s mostly what i want to do once i move there. just hang around, listen to antony and the johnsons (wish i had their music on vinyl). i will be a happy lass on that day.
  • some people should not be allowed access to facebook or twitter. like, a they get an error message when they try to load either site.
  • i love my new bike but i haven’t ridden a bike since i was like 10. i need training wheels. 😦
  • my holiday postsecret card i’ll never send in: in december, i get jealous when i see homes with lots of cars out front, and it’s obvious they’re having a holiday party. i try to make myself feel better, then, by telling myself it’s probably not as cozy/non-awkward as i’m imagining it to be.
  • more holiday thoughts: i’m way too empathetic this time of year. and this year has been full of so much bad stuff for so many people i know – they’ve been in awful, almost-deadly accidents, they or someone they love is in the hospital, they’ve been robbed, etc. – all of this has made my heart so heavy.

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