thankful like kelly clarkson

27 Nov

so this past week my “what i’m thankful for” column ran in the paper. i said i’d post the rest of my list on my blog. so, yeah.

here’s what ran in the paper (or, i think most of this ran..)

  1. My parents, my cousins, my friends. I have the best in the world.
  2. Perhaps this should be first on the list, but I’m really thankful for whatever divine intervention stopped me from getting either seriously injured or even killed in two pretty scary incidents this year. This could’ve easily been my last year on earth, but for whatever reason, I’m still here.
  3. My best friend Hannah, who looks out for me better than I look out for myself.
  4. My best friend Crissy…for pretty much the same reason.
  5. Hannah and Crissy’s moms, who treat me like I’m their own.
  6. My friend Charissa and her daughters Addie and Lily, and the doctors who took care of them this year.
  7. My friend Debbie and our annual trip to Memphis. We see “Gone With the Wind” at the Orpheum and frolic across the city, and there’s always much fun to be had.
  8. My job. I wish everyone else had one, too.
  9. My iPod. I put it through so much abuse every day, but it seems to love me all the same.
  10. Twitter. The social networking site has connected me with old friends and helped me make new ones. Couldn’t ask for more.
  11. The music of Jason Isbell, Gossip, Ladyhawke and Elvis Perkins, which has been the soundtrack to my life this year. (Kings of Leon, Farewell Flight, Fanfarlo, Phoenix and Sebastien Grainger also deserve a mention)
  12. Bette Davis. I’m a huge fan of the actress, and I’m determined to see every movie she ever made. I made a big dent in that list this year, and each of the films I’ve seen have made an impact on me.
  13. My old Converse sneakers. They’ve been my go-to shoe since college, and they still hold up well.
  14. My new, black glitter Converse sneakers. I still really haven’t found a use for them, but they sure make me happy.
  15. My beta fish, George Clooney and Tom Welling. They’re the best fish a girl could ask for.
  16. My phone. It’s probably taken more abuse than my iPod, and it certainly doesn’t get the kind of love I give my music player.
  17. Girl Talk. I saw DJ Gregg Gillis, who goes by the stage name Girl Talk, in February and the show changed my life.
  18. My favorite TV shows, like “Supernatural,” “Glee,” “Dexter” and “Smallville,” for keeping me entertained.
  19. Friends, family, co-workers and others who have different viewpoints – especially differing political views – than I do. They keep me balanced.
  20. Saving the best for last: My grandma.

here’s the rest of my “things i’m thankful for” list that we didn’t have room for in the paper:

  1. coffee. lots and lots of coffee. and while we’re at it, lots and lots of cream and sugar.
  2. “hitman: blood money,” which allows me to let out a healthy amount of aggression without actually killing anybody.
  3. that one person that always clicks the thumbs-up button of my blog posts at they can be the most stupid blog posts in the world, but somebody – NOT my mom, and i’m pretty sure it’s not my dad either – always clicks that. even if you’re just a random bored person who does it just to have something to do…thanks.
  4. my urban decay eyeshadow primer potion. that stuff is magic.
  5. my new(ish) nine west purse. when i first met it, i told crissy that to separate me and the purse would hurt the purse more than it would hurt me…but no, it would hurt me worse.
  6. my headphones. especially at work.
  7. my friend spencer. he inspires me more than he knows.
  8. my music collection and my friends who have, ah, contributed to it. i’m still not sure why i need the entire david bowie discography, but by george bailey, i have it.
  9. my hearing. it should be so much worse than it is.
  10. cheesecake.

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  1. you know who December 2, 2009 at 11:00 pm #

    i love how the second #10 has nothing other than what it is.

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