stay zombie stay

8 Nov

have a bunch of random thoughts that do not belong anywhere, so they’re going here. more or less my own take of what heather does often at her blog (goreadit). yeah, i’ll get back to talking about music in a bit. lots of ideas.

– dear bands: unless your music is influenced by/related to politics, i don’t want to read your political viewpoints on your fb/twitter pages. your complaints cause me to complain, and no one deserves that (nor do they deserve mime, but that’s another topic for another day). love&unicorns, sheena.

– it’s too early to put up the ole christmas tree, right? the only reason i want to put mine up so soon is because i already have some christmas presents purchased and i want to go ahead and wrap them and put them…somewhere.

– speaking of that, i guess i’ll keep last year’s decorations…although i would absolutely LOVE to do a white lights/purple ornaments combination. and, omg, have you seen the BLACK christmas tree? it’s just dying for purple ornaments…

– speaking of that, there’s christmas stuff everywhere. so, WHERE IS THE PEPPERMINT ICE CREAM???

– i wish “this is it” would stay in theaters forever and audiences could have danceoffs.

– in november, savannah had geekend. in october, savannah had the savannah record fair (which also featured comics. there were massive quantities of both records AND comics. HEAVEN). where was i during those two months? hereish. sigh.

– two new playlists on my ipod: “it’s never gonna be a break-away pop hit” and “bring me four fried chickens and a coke.”

– gasp. want. (i know i have no business looking at such, but i can oogle all i want)

– “kandor” is its own set of awesomeness, and i know clark and lois had the kiss heard ’round the daily planet, but this scene actually made me squeal when i saw it. it’s more than a week old and it’s still practically the best thing i’ve seen in two weeks. also: dear santa, can i have tess’ outfit? PLEES?

– elvis perkins + zombies = this. it also equals awesomesquared.

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