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Turned Up, 1

15 Oct

So earlier I posted about my top 10 albums (Captain Obvious says you’re welcome). Not long after I posted that, one of my favorite songs came on my iPod: “The Pretender” by Jackson Browne.

And then I felt The Guilt – my fellow music fans, you know The Guilt. It’s like when you make your top 5 (10, 20) list and you leave off that one life-changing album or song, the one that helped shape who you are. You try to tell yourself that that may not have a place on This List, no, not This List, that goes on That List…anyways. You get what I’m saying.

So I decided I’d start a new series here – a series about my favorite songs. Of course, there’s really absolutely no way I can actually list all of my favorite songs. For one, it would take forever; for another, I love songs for different reasons, and I can’t put one reason above another. I can narrow my very favorite songs down to three, but then I listen to, I don’t know, “The Pretender” or some such, and my list gets all mangled again.

The closest thing I have to a list of my favorite songs is a playlist I have called “Sparkling Diamond” (a nod to one of my favorite films, “Moulin Rouge”). I wanted to make a playlist with just my absolute favorite songs ever, thinking it would contain maybe less than 50 songs. Yeah. I’ve got about 277 on it now and it would easily grow even more if I watered it every day.

So. When I feel like waxing poetically about a song (or songs) I really love, then you’ll see a “Turned Up” post (more on that title after the jump). Maybe I’ll write about why I love it so much, or what memory it brings up, or whatever. Feel free to share your own thoughts about the songs.

Here are a few of my favorite songs…

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