Show & Tell – ‘Slumdog’ music

26 Feb

What pop culture-y goodness are you in love with this week? What book, movie, TV show, song, commercial, whatever, made your week?

I’ve already written this week that I saw “Slumdog Millionaire,” and that, like just about everyone else who’s seen it, I loved it.

I saw the movie with a group of friends, and after it was over, a friend said she hated the music in the film.

She asked me what I thought, and I said I loved it. She’s made fun of me since. Every time I’ve seen her, she’s asked me, “You really liked that music?” lol.

The thing I loved about the music in “Slumdog” was that it was used so well. Each song fit in so perfectly with each scene, with each feeling.

“O… Saya” is probably my favorite, just because it so grabs you when it’s used in the film. I like it even more than “Jai Ho,” which won the Oscar for best song.

I also loved how one of my favorite artists, M.I.A., was so involved with the soundtrack. Her fabulous song “Paper Planes” fits in so well with the film, and the remix is exquisite. If you like what you hear on the “Slumdog” soundtrack, please check out the rest of her music…trust me when I say she will blow your mind.

Here’s the video for “Paper Planes.”

What have you enjoyed this week?

2 Responses to “Show & Tell – ‘Slumdog’ music”

  1. ezradaisy February 26, 2009 at 9:13 pm #

    i also enjoyed “slumdog” and can’t wait to purchase the soundtrack.

    but, i would have to say that my show & tell of the week would have to be the movie “penelope”. i saw it in the theater when it first came out and received it this week from my netflix queue on tuesday. i’m not a big fan of watching movies more than once in a week but i’ve already watched this one three times.

    yeah it’s a girly love story in the end but along the way she does what most people always say they’re going to do and don’t. she takes control of her life. the movie is a little bit of a guilty pleasure but it’s mine for the week.

    • sheenabarnett February 26, 2009 at 9:34 pm #

      I need to see that movie at some point. hmm.

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