“American Idol,” 2/25

25 Feb

The second group of the Top 36 performed tonight, and again the theme was Billboard hits.

Columbus’ own Jasmine Murray started the night off, singing Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song.” I think she’s a better singer than the song really allowed her to show off.
Randy said: She had good moments, but he expected her to sing something from the likes of Rihanna. It was pitchy.
Kara said: She’s very commercial but her performance was “very all over the place.” It wasn’t her best performance.
Paula said: She gave it her all, and her confidence was great.
Simon said: He was “disappointed,”  and she may be too young for the show. He said she’d be someone to count on in a few years’ time.

Matt Giraud said he wanted to put a “soulful twist” on Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.” I’m not sure he pulled that off.
Kara said: He was great during Hollywood, but that wasn’t the song for him.
Paula said: It was a risky song. She saw his rehearsal and he was better  than in his rehearsal, but it still wasn’t his best.
Simon said:   “Verging on horrible.” He turned into a wannabe pop star.
Randy said: Matt has “mad talent” but he needed to stay away from simple songs.

Jeanine Vailes sang Maroon 5’s “This Love.” Yeah, I’m already saying, “Jeanine who?”
Paula said: She has great legs (no kidding – that’s all Paula said).
Simon said: It was terrible, even painful at times. And she’s got great legs.
Randy said: She’s got great legs but it was the wrong song choice.
Kara said: It was so overdone and everything about it was wrong.

Nick Mitchell performed as Norman Gentle and sang, you guessed it, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”  He changed a lot of it so that it was about not getting kicked off the show, and I’m pretty sure the “Idol” logo feels quite violated after what he did to it. For once, he kinda won me over. I’m kind of uncomfortable with that fact, too. lol.
And, was it just me, or did his dad have a look of sheer terror on his face?
Simon said: He prays Nick doesn’t get sent through. It was “horrific comedy” (to which Nick replied, “Takes one to know one, sassy pants”).
Randy said: He was definitely entertaining.
Kara said: “At least we remember you.” He’s not a terrible singer and she enjoyed his performance.
Paula said: She prefers Norman to Nick, and he’s a true performer.

Sixteen-year-old Allison Iraheta sang Heart’s “Alone,” and she was really, really amazing. I haven’t heard much of her before, but she definitely impressed. I hope they scale back on her make-up, though, because I thought her make-up aged her.
Randy said: “You blew it out the box!”
Kara said: “You don’t know how good you are.” Allison needed to work on her stage confidence, but “you have serious chops.”
Paula said: She could sing the phone book.
Simon said: “You may be one to watch.”

Kris Allen sang “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. It was good, but I’m afraid probably not good enough to get him through.
Kara said: The second half of the song was better than the first.  It was the wrong song.
Paula said: He nailed it and he was charming.
Simon said: He’s not the best singer but he followed the judges’ advice. “Chicks are gonna love you.”
Randy said: He was worried Kris wouldn’t be able to perform without his guitar but he did.

Megan Corkrey was next, performing Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On.” I’ve loved her up til now…I just didn’t get this. What was up with that “dancing”? I’d love to see her continue, but this was just kinda weird to me.
Paula said: She’s relevant, hip and beautiful and she did everything right.
Simon said: “You’re a funny little thing.” She got a little overexcited and oversang, but he hopes she’s through to the next round.
Randy said: He’d like to hear her in other parts of the competition, and she was “very good.”
Kara said: She’s unique and could have a hit on the radio.

Matt Breitzke sang “If You…….zzzz……huh? Where was I? Oh, I think I dozed off.
Apologies for the snarky attitude there, but his take on Tonic’s “If You Could Only See” was a snoozefest. He seems like an awesome guy, but I don’t see him as an “Idol.”
Simon said: He hated it – it was uncomfortable and it didn’t do him any favors.
Randy said: He’s a cool guy but the performance was boring.
Kara said: It didn’t show his personality.
Paula said: “The song didn’t celebrate who we all fell in love with.”

Jesse Langseth sang “Bette Davis Eyes.” I really, really like her, and I liked her performance…I just hope the rest of America realizes what a talent she is.
Randy said: It was OK.
Kara said: She’s interesting to watch, but the song didn’t show off her range.
Paula said: She’s captivating and cool, and is very identifiable.
Simon said: Her performance was forgettable, and she was “too cool for school.”

Kai Kalama sang “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.” I’ve really been on Kai’s side all this time, but I wasn’t crazy about this.
Kara said: It was pitchy and a little old-fashioned.
Paula said: “Sounded good” except a few pitch problems.
Simon said: It was hotel/wedding singer-ish, and he’ll make a good back-up singer.
Randy said: It was a very safe performance.

Mishavonna Henson sang Train’s “Drops of Jupiter.” I have absolutely no idea why.
Paula said: She wouldn’t have picked that song for her.
Simon said: She’s very serious and seems way older than her 18 years.
Randy said: She seemed way older and he didn’t like it when singers sang songs originally performed by a band.
Kara said: She’s too put together and needs to shake it up.

Adam Lambert performed The Rolling Stone’s “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” I don’t know…he’s the kind of guy I could stare at all day, I just don’t necessarily want to actually hear him.
But I’m so with Simon on this…some parts were brilliant…some were painful. It was like he brought the Stones to Broadway…where the Stones don’t belong.
Paula said: She felt like she wasn’t watching an “Idol” performance but like she was watching an Adam Lambert concert.
Simon said: Parts were “excrutiatingly bad” and others were “brilliant.”
Randy said: He loved it. He likened Adam to “Twilight” star Rob Pattinson, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance (admittedly, three of my favorite things…but I’m not sure that’s a good hting!)
Kara said:  His vocal technique is “outrageous – who has a range like that?”

What say you, Scenesters?

5 Responses to ““American Idol,” 2/25”

  1. ezradaisy February 25, 2009 at 11:11 pm #

    ok i ended up on fox watchin’ idol tonight because there was nothing else on television that caught my interest.

    and i have one thing to say
    “just because you can sing in your car/shower and you/your mom/your best friend/your dog thinks it sounds good, doesn’t mean that you can go on a televised program and sing.”

    i’ve been trying to forget most of those performances since the show ended tonight. Allison Iraheta will be left out of this list though. i believe that most of these people should be voted off tonight not because of their lack of talent but because they can’t choose a song that fits their vocal range/style.

    • sheenabarnett February 26, 2009 at 10:07 am #

      It never fails – choosing the wrong song will kill you every time. It’s like Matt B. – I remember, everything else we’ve seen of him has been great. But then he just sounded so boring on that Tonic song. And that will probably send him home.

  2. Johnathon February 26, 2009 at 10:53 am #

    Well, I had such high hopes for this group because of last week dismal performances, but I was so disappointed. What gets me though…the contestants have the entire Billboard Top 100 to choose from and they cannot find the right song? Bull hockey. I’m just wondering if anyone at AI tells them when they are rehearsing that the song that they are singing doesn’t sound good. If I was in their shoes, I would pick something that I’ve sung before and that I knew I could sing it good.

    I think that the two people for sure that are going on the next round is Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta. I thought Adam Lambert was a little crazy, but he did have a few brillant moments. Allison’s rendition of “Alone” I thought was pretty good. I like anything Heart. LOL

    I think that for the third person may be Kris Allen or Megan Corkrey. I liked Kris’ song choice, but Megan’s “dancing” wierded me out a little bit.

    I hope that Jasmine gets a second chance. I would probably sound awful too if I was the first one in my group to preform on the live show. I think that her nerves got the best of her. When are they going to announce the contestants for the Wild Card round?

    • sheenabarnett February 26, 2009 at 11:24 am #

      Totally with you, Johnathon. I’m shocked that in all of those songs, they seem to pick the worst ones. It’s like “Drops of Jupiter” – that song’s fine, but why, WHY, sweet ceiling cat, WHY would anybody want to sing that on “Idol”? It just baffles me.

      Yeah, I think Adam and Allison are fine. As for the third pick, I really have no idea. Kris or Megan are two fine choices, though.

      I really thought Jasmine had a chance to make it though, but yeah, I think a not-so-great song choice and nerves probably tripped her up.

      Next week, in addition to Tuesday and Wednesday nights’ regular episodes, the judges will announce their wild card picks in a special Thursday night episode. So look for “Idol” three times next week!

  3. Jenny February 26, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    Jasmine did very well, although it was a little pitchy at times. Jasmine had great confidence and looked like she was enjoying the moment and as a mississipian I am very proud of her!!!!

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