Rap Redefined: 3 Stacks puts hip back in hip-hop

18 Feb

3 Stacks by Mitch Morgan

3 Stacks by Mitch Morgan

3 Stacks
8:30 p.m. Friday
Dr. Love Club/The Bottom Line (21+)
775 Senter St. (off S. Gloster) in Tupelo
Call (662)844-2007 for directions and ticket pricing

by Mitch Morgan
Scene Now contributor

“Hey keep your heart, three stacks,
keep your heart.
Man these girls is smart, three stacks,
these girls is smart.
Play your part…play your part…”

“International Player’s Anthem,” U.G.K. featuring Outkast

Persistence. Passion. Determination. To hear up-and-coming hip-hop act 3 Stacks is to witness the definition of each.
“Three different mentalities in one package,” explains member “T.K.” His statement couldn’t be more accurate. Their image defies any group on the current scene, blending hip hop with a funky, fresh energy that far exceeds what you’d expect from other acts in the same category.

“Everybody in the crew has got their own different flavor – different styles, different concepts; I think everybody is lyrically tight,” member “Marko Polo” admits. “Dizzle is really creative when it comes to hooks, you know? I love T.K.’s flavor; he brings that smooth, laid-back thing. I’m more like that Northern-type flavor, and it’s like they’re colliding together, the South and the North. We ain’t just comin’ out there rappin’; we’re actually putting a theme show together with each song, lettin’ you feel it. I think that’s what sets us apart.”

Conversing with the three of them at once and then hearing their music, you realize quickly what a tight-knit bond the group shares as they finish each others’ ideas, improvised hooks and even sentences without hesitation. It is indeed a true collaborative effort inside and out of the studio where the three spend free nights already cutting tracks for their next album.

Off the Wall
Though the Tupelo-based trio joined forces just over  a year ago, the sheer number of songs the group has recorded since is staggering. A 6-song EP the group unofficially released some months ago quickly found its way into the CD players of many now-devout fans who now anxiously await new material. It looks like the wait is finally over. Their forthcoming, full-length album, “Straight Out Tha Trunk,” is one full of varying themes from heated political commentary (“Do You See What I See”) to numbers for the ladies (“Eurywhur”) and almost everything in between. One of the group’s most popular tracks (“MS”) pays homage to the southern state the three call home, giving local fans something to brag about. After all, Mississippi has long been a hub for literary, political – and particularly musical – icons that span generations. 3 Stacks is simply keeping that same dream alive in a state often (and unfortunately) lauded more for its agriculture than its culture.

Members “Marko Polo” (Demarko Young), “Young Dizzle” (Nathaniel Williams, Jr.) and “T.K.” (Tamorance King) met by chance while working the daily grind at a restaurant. Young, a Saginaw, Mich., native, relocated to Mississippi in early 2008, bringing back years of experience recording and writing he acquired while residing up North. Discouraged by the lack of a similar rap scene in Tupelo, Young almost decided to abandon his music altogether. That is, until a golden opportunity to further a music career fell out of the sky in the form of T.K. and Dizzle. Within a week the trio were hitting the studio where collaborative efforts carried their sound in directions none of the three could have anticipated. With some 10 years’ age difference between Marko (the eldest) and the other two, personal influences range from hip-hop forefathers Run DMC to more current trendsetters like the late Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Their cues both musically and ideologically (both on stage and off) set them beyond and apart from the regional rap-scene norm, giving them the edge they’ll need to succeed in today’s stifling economy, where independent musicians are feeling the pinch more than most.

Although it’s much too soon to say that “the rest is history” for 3 Stacks,  the forecast is promising, and the sky is the limit. 3 Stacks knows no boundaries when it comes to branding their own form of rap, and their current album stands as a prime example.

“That’s how we work,” Marko proudly admits. “Even if I came up with the concept for a song, it may not be fit for me to sing (a certain) part, so I’ll be like ‘Hey, I need you here doing this part,’ and it works well.”

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  1. Sherry Jackson February 19, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

    That’s what’s good! Good look to my lil brother DIZZLE!

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