Life with Lucy: Lucy’s Wasteland

16 Feb


Lucy has toys everywhere. I keep her supply of stuffed animals, bones, balls and rawhides well stocked. I don’t let her run out of toys because she will resort to drastic measures when boredom hits.
I consider it money well spent, because it saves my supply of footwear, especially flip-flops.

However, she has a new favorite toy that is also a form of footwear: socks.
Several weeks ago I discovered I no longer had any matching dress socks. I only had a few pair of white socks, only because they were fresh out of the pack.

I assumed it was due to all the traveling back and forth between Lee and Oktibbeha County, where Lucy’s dad lives. I am always leaving a pair of earrings, shoes or a hair dryer (only forgot that once because that is a daily necessity and semi-expensive to replace).

After questioning him about a possible sock abundance at his house, I figured out that my sock supply was not diminishing but disappearing. I decided to blame the dryer for the missing mates.

I blamed the dryer for awhile before I discovered Lucy’s wasteland.  Just last week while doing some pre-spring cleaning (probably the only spring cleaning that will get done) I found all the missing socks, along with deflated balls, mutilated stuffed animals and rawhide remnants.

I had discovered Lucy’s bounty of treasure under my bed between several pieces of luggage. It looked like she had made herself a fort using the luggage and placed all of her treasures out of my sight. It was a defensive move on her part, because I usually throw out the bone left-overs and the mutilated appendages of stuffed animals.

In a moment of weakness I left all her treasures in her fort, with the exception of my socks.  That was also a defensive move on my part, so she won’t look for a new hiding spot.When I run out of socks again I’ll raid her treasure and we can start the cycle all over again.

At least it will be flip-flop weather soon and I won’t have to worry about sock piracy until next winter.

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