“American Idol,” 2/10

11 Feb

Hollywood Week ended with a third round of auditions last night.

The 72 remaining contestants had to sing on stage, solo, with a backing band, and they could play an instrument if they wanted.

Basically the show focused on some of the best – and some of the worst – before the contestants were grouped into four rooms.

Stage actor Adam Lambert tried to get creative by “twisting” Cher’s “Believe” – I hated it, but I think the judges liked it.

Everybody loved Dueling Pianos guy, Matt Giraud, who sang “Georgia On My Mind.” His performance was excellent and he won a standing ovation.

I would’ve liked to have heard more of Nathaniel Marshall’s acoustic guitar performance of Rihanna’s “Disturbia” – it sounded like it was really, really awesome.

Jamar Rogers sang a really cool take on “Hey There Delilah.” I have absolutely no idea why Danny Gokey sang “I Hope You Dance,” but he made it work.

I loved Anoop Desai’s “My Prerogative,” and who didn’t like Scott McIntyre’s “Home” (the Daughtry song)?

Mississippi’s own Jasmine Murray was shown for just a bit performing Jordin Sparks’ “Tattoo,” but she sounded great.

Nick Mitchell said he didn’t know if he should perform as himself or as his alter ego, Norman Gentle. He went with the Gentle act, singing “Georgia,” and yeah, it was hilarious…but I’m still not sure about this guy!

Tatiana Del Toro was terrifying as usual. The usually terrific Stephen Fowler broke down after forgetting the words twice.

A couple of girls tried to sing “Before He Cheats,” but I didn’t hear any that really impressed me.

OK, room time.

We learned about Room 2 first. In Room 2 was Jasmine Murray, Nathaniel Marshall, Matt Giraud and Stephen Fowler – and they’re all through to the next round.

Room 3 was up next – this room, which had Michael Castro and Leneshe Young in it – was sent home. (I’ll bet my bottom dollar, whatever that is, that Young is brought back as a wild card)

Room 1, which had Lil Rounds, Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers, Anoop Desai and Scott McIntyre, was given the green light to the next round.

And, finally, Room 4, which featured Tatiana Del Toro and Nick “Norman Gentle” Mitchell, was also given a green light. I don’t expect Tatiana to last much longer. I just don’t understand, though, how those two are sent forward while someone as talented as Young is sent home. Anyway…

Tonight the Top 36 are announced…

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