“American Idol,” 2/4

8 Feb

OK, OK, OK. I know this is WAY late..better late than never, eh?

Wednesday night’s episode focused on the make-you-or-break-you group round.

The episode focused on the three groups that seemed to have the most trouble: the “Diva” group with Jasmine Murray, Rose Flack, Katrina Darrell and Lauren Barnes. Most of the group’s trouble seemed to stem from – big surprise – Darrell, who seemed to barely be there during rehearsals and then went to bed early. The day of the audition, she told her group she was quitting “Idol,” but she showed up later saying she’d compete and asked them to show her what she’d missed.

Murray was the only one who made it through to the next round.

Team “Compromise” was made up of Nancy Wilson, Kristin McNamara and Nathaniel Marshall. I’m not sure just one person was to blame for this group’s problems – they all seemed to be a little too dramatic. In the end, Nathaniel and Kristin were sent to the next round. I’m not sure I would have kept any of them, though.

And finally there was Tatiana “But Right Now I’m Talking About Myself” Del Toro’s group. You know, the bad laugh girl. “Idol” didn’t name – or really even focus on – the other three girls in her group because Tatiana’s insanity took up all the attention. For some reason, she’s through to the next round, but I really doubt she’ll stay on for much longer.

Though much of the show focused on the fighting (come on, that’s “good” TV, right?), there were a few really terrific performances.

One of my favorites was by a group called White Chocolate that featured India Morrison, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen and Justin Williams. They were refreshing and seemed to have a blast on stage.

Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers’ group was terrific, too.

75 contestants are left after the group round; next week, we’ll see the contestants sing one last time for the judges. The Top 36 will be announced Wednesday.

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