In the Arena, 2/6

5 Feb


Well, another WWE event has come and gone. Thankfully, the staff and I managed to escape without suffering any pile drivers, sleeper holds, or being hit with folding chairs. Mercifully none of us had to don any spandex trunks either. I’m not sure that north Mississippi is ready for that visual…

This weekend’s event is the annual Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball. The arena floor has been transformed into a winter wonderland for Friday’s banquet. It’s always a neat event that raises funds for local causes.

Next Tuesday we go for something completely different with Disturbed, Sevendust, and Skindred. If headbanging isn’t your style, there’s also Jeff Dunham and his cast of characters on Wednesday, February 18. Tickets still remain for both of these shows, so check out our website ( for details.

Last week I attended Pollstar’s annual Concert Industry Consortium. The major talk at the conference was the economy (what else?) and what effect it will have on the concert industry. The general consensus was that the major shows (Springsteen, Buffett, Britney Spears (?!?), Chesney, etc.) will be fine but that the smaller (10,000 seats and under) shows will suffer. That’s not exactly good news for us as we only have 10,000 seats! Rest assured that we will do everything we can to continue to bring top entertainment to the arena while striving to keep ticket prices as low as possible.

Next week I plan on going into detail as to how ticket prices are set and what factors we consider when pursuing shows. Maybe I can find a way to keep it from boring you to tears. Tune in next week to find out!


Until next time,


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