What’s Going On – Pumpkins, Van Halen

4 Feb

Mornin’, loves.

So, random crazy dream last night…nothing unusual for me anyway but I thought this was funny. So Joss Whedon had hired me to star in a “Dr. Horrible”-esque show, and much of the dream was filled with stuff like us going over my script and stuff. Later he was mad…like really mad…but he did not have a blow-up like Christian Bale. His rage was a quiet one. Kinda random.

Anyway, news! And “Idol” coverage later today!

  • Al Pacino is doing Shakespeare – he’ll star in the upcoming “King Lear.”
  • Hey, Smashing Pumpkins fans: You can download the Pumpkins’ song from Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial here.

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