Show & Tell: Locke & Key

29 Jan

Show & Tell is a new feature on Scene Now – show and tell the world what pop culture goodness you’re in love with this week!

Head Games - Locke & Key

So, what am I in love with this week?

The first issue in the new arc of “Locke & Key.”

Author Joe Hill, who brought us his exquisite debut novel “Heart-Shaped Box” and his short-story collection “20th Century Ghosts,” has his own comic book, “Locke & Key.”

The first arc, “Welcome to Lovecraft,” captivated readers with the story of the Locke kids, their spooky new home, the ghostly woman in their well and the family’s terrifying nemesis, Sam.

The second arc, “Head Games,” starts this month and the first issue is just as gripping as the first art. Readers are introduced to the evil Zack as he hints at his plans to undo the Locke family.

This is a stellar series that just keeps getting better. Hill’s writing is so clear and on-point (and, yes, his dad is Stephen King – and I’m beginning to love Hill’s work way more than I love his dad’s), and artist Gabriel Rodriguez brilliantly brings the world of Lovecraft to life.

The first arc is available now as a hardback novel.

I highly suggest this series to horror fans.

To learn more about “Locke & Key” and about Joe Hill, check out his Web site.

So, what are you in love with this week?

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