What’s Going On – TV switch, ‘Ugly Betty,’

27 Jan

Merry Tuesday, loves!

Hope your week is treating you well.

Learned a very important lesson last night.
So months back I wrote that I’d downloaded Stephen King’s “Duma Key” and wanted to work out to it. It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but I finally started listening to it last week.
So last night I decided to work out with just a few lights on (I figured I could save a little on my electric bill, and it might make the room a smidge cooler). Trust me when I say this: Don’t work out, by yourself, in a mostly-dark room, listening to a Stephen King novel. It’s just creepy.

lol, anyway, here’s news:

  • R.I.P., Kim Manners, director-producer for “Supernatural” and “The X-Files.”
  • “Ugly Betty” will run through March, then will be benched til about June.
  • The 80s are officially cool – both ABC and NBC have projects related to the decade.
  • The idea of Scarlett Johansson covering a Jeff Buckley song make Sheena angry! Smash! Destroy! (seriously, Scarlett is a dear, but I want her to stay away from my Jeff Buckley)

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