“American Idol” talk, 1/27

27 Jan

Our “American Idol” discussions continue as audition round continues.

A scheduling note, to start us off:
The audition rounds wrap up this week, with a special episode Thursday.
Hollywood Week episodes will air Feb. 3-4 and Feb. 10, with the Top 36 finalists announced Feb. 11.

The audience will begin to vote on the Top 36 starting Feb. 17.

Past that, things start to get interesting. As you’ve no doubt heard, “Idol” is undergoing some changes.

On March 5, the judges are allowed to bring back contestants they liked via the Wild Card Round.

As you may remember, Clay Aiken was brought back during the Wild Card Round in the show’s second season and went on to be the runner-up that year.

Producers also promise more back stage drama.

Another big change this year is that the show has dropped its charity special, “Idol Gives Back.”

So, “Idol” viewers, what do y’all think about these changes?

I’m happy they’ve brought back the Wild Card Round – that always makes things interesting.
The back stage drama isn’t necessarily that interesting to me, but I do think they need a way to make some of these contestants seem a little more interesting.
And I think that in these economic times, the show is right to pull “Idol Gives Back” for this year.

What do y’all think?

What changes would you like to see the show make?

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