Show & Tell – Coconut Records

21 Jan

I’m always on the prowl, looking for the new book, movie, TV show or music that will take my heart away.

Every week I’ll post something I’m currently in love with, and I encourage y’all to tell write back and share what you’re into, too. The more we share, the more cool stuff we’ll all enjoy. 🙂

My first Show & Tell is a band I found about this time last year and have loved ever since.

You probably know actor Jason Schwartzman best from his roles in films like “Rushmore,” “Marie Antoinette,” “I Heart Huckabees” and “The Darjeeling Limited.”

Schwartzman was a member of the band Phantom Planet, which gave the world “California.” (better known to most as the theme for “The O.C.”)

Schwartzman’s new musical project is called Coconut Records, and the band just released its second album, “Davy,” this week.

The band’s first record, “Nighttiming,” is one of the best albums released this decade.

The songs are irresistibly catchy, but good. Each song weathers multiple listens well and never sounds dull or tired. From the exquisite dance song “Nighttiming” to the rocking swagger of “Minding My Own Business” to the toe-tapping, steady “Its Not You Its Me,” every song sounds so good that you almost wonder if it’s a greatest hits compilation.

The gem, though, is the opening track, “West Coast.” It’s heartbreaking, hopeful and timeless.

I’ve listened to “Davy” a handful of times today but am really enjoying it so far. It’s not as dance-ready or poppy as “Nighttiming,” but the songs are just as strong. This album’s “West Coast” is “Microphone” – it’s just as sturdy and beautiful as “West Coast.”

Other stand-outs include “Drummer,” “Saint Jerome,” “The Summer” and “Wires.”

Here’s the video for “West Coast” by Coconut Records – one of my favorite songs of all time.

ps. Ya know that “Make Face Time” Dentyne Ice commercial with the couple on the beach? Yep, that song is “Summer Day” by Coconut Records.

Share what you’re into this week!! It can be anything, from a game to movie to book to band to TV show…Show & Tell!

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