American Idol, 1/13

14 Jan

Welcome to Scene Now’s coverage of “American Idol”…

As I said last year, I can’t say I’m much of a fan of these early audition rounds. I’ve got my reasons. Besides, for the most part, there’s not much to cover while they kind of randomly scroll through mostly bad contestants.

So, let’s use these next few weeks of auditions to discuss any and all things “Idol.”

First up – let’s talk about watching the show.

Do you watch it?
If so, what do you watch? The whole thing? Auditions only? Hollywood Round through to the end?
What’s your favorite part?

I’ll kick it off, y’all finish…

So, yeah, obvs I watch “Idol.” 🙂

I watched off-and-on for the first season, then got caught up in the madness of Seasons 2-4. Working nights in college made me miss lots of Season 5, but I kept up with it as I could. Season 6 was interesting because I covered it so closely – especially with the auditions in Memphis – but I started to get a little weary with it in Season 7.

I think seeing the behind-the-scenes in Season 6 made me a little tired of the audition round, since that’s what I mostly saw. I’ve always loved Hollywood Round, probably because that seems to be the time when the contestants show who they really are, imo.

But I love it as the show draws to a close and it seems like the whole world focuses in on just two people…it’s all intense and all. Pretty cool. 🙂

What about you?

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